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Celtic Hotel London Questions


After doing a lot of research, I think we've landed on staying at the Celtic Hotel in London. The location looks fabulous (especially for the price)! I e-mailed them and got a speedy reply (which I love) from the owner, Rosanna Marazzi. She offered two rooms for a stay in July. One is a larger twin room at £112 per night and one is a smaller twin room at £98 per night. Any advice? There are two of us traveling (I'm traveling with my daughter). We don't mind stairs. Looking for clean, comfortable, and hopefully quiet accommodations. I've read many reviews on Tripadvisor, and the reviews seem mostly positive. The hotel seems lovely, but I'd love some more specific advice if possible.

Many thanks!

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becky, we stayed at the Celtic two summers ago.. and have booked to stay there this May.

We loved the hotel. The breakfasts are great, several courses, all cheerfully served ( with many choices, just ask)..
The staff are friendly.

The room we took was a double with bathroom ensuite, and had a fireplace in it ( not functioning anymore but so atmospheric )..
Bed was comfy.
Bathroom was small but completely functional.

We were only one flight up , and as I recall there are only a few floors anyways.

It was very convenient pleasant area.. just 1/2 block down from St Russell Square. We had an easy trip back to airport from there too( station was a block and half away) .

Obviously since we have rebooked we liked it.

We also stayed in another spot ( we had booked 4 nights at beginning of our trip in London, and 4 nights at end, we stayed in Celtic on last four nights) and it was about the same price. It was horrible. Bathroom so small you could barely bend over sink to wash face, and when we ran out of toilet paper , the maid in the hall way handing me HALF a roll and said that's all she had .. seriously. No breakfast included. And bed was shoved in corner of room with only a foot between wall and bed on the "open" side. So,, for the money we were thrilled with the Celtic after that fiasco.

Its "homey".. you really feel like you are in a small family run British hotel ( which you are !) , its not fancy.. but clean and good location, and for the price unbeatable.. London is super expensive to us ( and now with our Canadian dollar tanking this is even more of a point,)

Only caveat.. no airconditioning, which usually is not an issue in London.. but we had one warm day and asked for a fan. That worked.

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I'd go for the larger room. Have not stayed here but have stayed in many hotels, Bnb's in London over the years. Rooms are notoriously small. Enjoy the extra square footage. Travel light. GREAT city. I'm going to PM you as well. Happy travels!

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note.. not all rooms have private ensuite bathrooms.. so do confirm what is available for the price.. We booked a double ensuite for this May and cost was 112 GBPs . We are also booking a smaller double for 94 GBPs for our adult daughter and her friend.

If you do decide to book a room with only a wash basin ( they all seem to have that ) and shared facilities. there are only a few rooms per floor that share a bathroom. and they appeared spotless.

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Thanks for the information! Both rooms are ensuite. It just sounds like one is smaller and one is larger. And, yes, what I'm seeing in London is that the rooms are very small, so I will definitely take that into consideration when booking!
Thank you!

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All depends on how you travel. Wife and I travel very compactly, so smaller room there was fine. if you two have a lot of stuff and spread out, then you will need the larger room, you may not be able to keep everything put of your way in the smaller room.
We were very pleased with the accommodation when we stayed there in summer 2013. There was a snafu with our booking (they missed that we wanted a twin rather than a double as we have never been able to sleep together on a double), and Rosanna worked very hard to fix this (with the hotel full) as best as she could. We also enjoyed going out the bottom level and sitting in the little garden in the back. We can recommend the pub just around the corner, also.

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We stayed at the Celtic. I don't remember what our room was called (probably a double); it was clean and the hotel is in an excellent location -- close to the British Museum, and the Russell Square Tube station. When thinking of the size of the room, just remember you are not going to London to sit in your room. Plus, they have kind of a sitting room at the entrance if you prefer to be in a larger area for a while.