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CDW and Super CDW

We have rented a car from Hertz for 16 of our 21 days in England. I have never driven in the UK. Our credit card has a zero deductible CDW up to $65000. After reading several posts about driving in the UK, I am convinced that scrapes, scratches, knocked off mirrors and the like are to be expected. Given that premise I was wondering about experiences that other travelers have had at the end of the day when the car was turned in. How difficult was it to settle with your credit card company and the car rental agency? Should I avail myself of the very pricey CDW & Super CDW offered by Hertz?

Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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On our last trip to the UK my wife scrapped the rear fender of our rental car on a stone bridge in Dartmoor. It was either the bridge or the car coming straight at us. I think it was about 300 Pounds of damage. We had AMEX premium car rental insurance thru my card. i just filed a claim on return home and they took care of it. No problem. Several years ago we had some scratches on a rental in Prague which I am not sure were new. AMEX took care of this also even though they were never able to get any documentation from Budget. So far I have had good experiences with credit card insurance. Others may not have.