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Car Rental in UK CDW vs CC CDW (no dimished value coverage)

In the early stages of planning a trip to the UK for next summer. Started looking at the rental car and digging into the CC terms and conditions vs the rental agency. In short here are the items covered by the CDWs:

Credit Card:
The Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver covers theft, damage, valid loss-of-use charges
imposed and substantiated by the auto rental company, administrative fees, and
reasonable and customary towing charges (due to a covered theft or damage) to
the nearest qualified repair facility. The Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver
covers no other type of loss.

damage, theft, loss of revenue, administration fees, diminishment of value, and any towing, storage or impound fees.

The big difference is the CC does not cover "diminished value" OR "storage and impound fees"
The CDW for Enterprise is a flat $1000, while the CC is $0.

My question is what is an expected "diminished value" claim from a routine accident in the UK? If its going to average more than $1000 I would better off going with Enterprise CDW than CC. I am not so much worried about storage and impound fees, since those should be minimal or at least ARGUABLE when settling a claim.

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Take ALL coverage.

Various small roads, low curbs, cattle, bicyclists, hedges, sheep, lorries combined with getting used to driving on the opposite side of the road…..

Car will be small. Make sure you reserve an automatic as stick shifts are often provided.

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I have no idea how 'diminished value' works in the UK, but will offer my experience here in the US.

Twice I have been victimized by another party's inattention.

In one case the claim for diminished value was 33% of the repair cost, based on what a dealer said was how they deduct/calculate how much less a car that had been damaged has had a diminished value, vs an accident free car. ( $7500 in repairs plus $2500 for diminished value)

In the other case, using online tools comparing the car's value calculated with and without an accident, resulted in the diminished value being nearly 50% of the repair cost. ( $4600 in repairs and $2200 for diminished value)

The severity of the accident will significantly affect what the 'diminished value' is.

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I'm planning on renting a car in Exeter from Enterprise at the end of September for maybe a week or so through Devon and Cornwall and these kind of insurance questions have my head spinning. They make the cost of renting very high, but I feel like I will be at the rental companies mercy as getting anything less than the King's Ransom full coverage seems to leave one open to all kinds of unfortunate strange witchcraft.