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Car pick-up at Birmingham Airport (BHX) -- deplaning passengers only?

Houston, we (may) have a problem ....

The plan: fly to London and three days later (May 6) take the train or bus to BHX to pickup a rental car midday from Enterprise (booked an automatic economy car through Costco at a fabulous rate). Then meander through mid and south Wales for a week, returning the car to BHX.

The problem: today I looked at the Enterprise-BHX website to see the vehicle pick-up location and possible routings towward Abergavenny. And then I saw "The counter is located in the baggage claim area of the main terminal. Vehicles are within walking distance. This location services deplaning customers only. " My heart sank and I called the Costco/Enterprise number where the amiable young (American) assured me arriving by bus or train would not pose a problem picking up the car. Not reassured, I have also tried several times to phone the Enterprise-BHX number to ask, but I just get the robot/menu.

How else can I determine whether or not I will be able to pick up a car at BHX if I am not a "deplaning customer?" Ideas? Thank you!

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It appears ERAC has several locations in town. Had to scroll down the list on the Costco site to find them.

If you can re-book at an in own location at the same or better price, do that and then cancel the res. for the airport pickup.

If that does not work I would call Costco and see if they can change the pick up location, and not incur a rate increase.

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I've just searched several locations via Costco travel. All want north of 600 GBP for a week, not the 295GBP that I have booked.

I like the idea of the airport for pick up -- easy to get to by public transportation and easy onto an A road towards Wales. I haven't driven in the UK in about 10 years so I am trying to avoid a downtown pickup, as I will be solo -- just Garmin as my companion.

Can I use the Costco corporate code directly on the Enterprise site to search/book? If so, how do I find that code?

Or I suppose the other work-around would be to fly to Dublin rather than London to recover from jet-lag, and then three days later fly AerLingus DUB-BHX for $59 ....

EDITED TO ADD: I have just sent my first Tweet, ever. And it worked! David at ERAC-UK assured me that I can indeed be a non-deplaning customer, per the policy he is seeing on his end. I pointed him to the confusing statement at the Enterprise-BHX website, and he said he will pass that along to the technical team to get it rectified. I have copied the Twitter exchange to my email ....

That said, I am now thinking of flying to Dublin or Edinburgh for my "get over jetlag" few days rather than London, which I have visited at length many times. Hmmmm.