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Car and Driver from London to Chandler's Ford and back

I'm wondering if such a service is available? We'll be arriving 9/1 AM from the States, and need to get to Chandler's Ford that evening for a concert, returning to London afterward. It looks like about an hour drive. I'd appreciate any recommendations on car hire (if I'm using the correct UK term) for this - thanks! Given that we're arriving that day, I don't renting a car is advisable, and train options are too time consuming.

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I can't help with the car hire between London and Chandlers Ford, but I did notice on a previous thread that you are only in London for that night before travelling on to Aylesbury? Instead of driving all the way to Chandlers Ford and back ( and I think your time estimate is likely very optimistic (at least on the way out), have you considered spending the night in Southampton instead? It's only a few miles down the road from Chandlers Ford, and you could catch the train the next morning. Just a thought.

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I would head to Chandler’s Ford from Heathrow and book into a local hotel there. I have never used them, but Blackberry Cars are recommended on this forum. Your drive time is optimistic from Heathrow and it would be nearer to 2 hours from central London.

Otherwise, if you stay in London, you are going to have to back track out only a few hours later then be driven back to London late at night trying to fight jet lag. Good luck staying awake on arrival day - I am always asleep by 6pm latest on arriving from America!

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I'd appreciate any recommendations on car hire (if I'm using the correct UK term)

In the UK a car hire is one you drive yourself (car rental/car hire). What you are looking for is a taxi (not a black cab or one hailed from a taxi rank), one that is pre-booked. There are many to choose from, some specialise in airport transfers only whilst others are more generic. I don't know of any in the Chandlers Ford area but a search online will return many results (you'll get more if you include nearby Southampton). I wouldn't worry too much about reliability, if they're operating then they're doing fine, a taxi is a taxi as far as I'm concerned. If they're a local company providing an airport service then the drivers know what they're doing and where they're going. They have to be fully licensed with the local authority.

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Chandlers Ford is very close to Winchester, which would be lovely place to stay the night. I’d be very surprised if you could get back to central London in an hour.

Have a look at Southampton or Winchester taxi firms, who’ll offer special airport pick-up rates.

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You could take a Railair bus from Heathrow Central Bus station (HTR) to Woking and then train to Winchester (WIN) (where you could stay the night). Chandler's Ford is just a short distance south of Winchester. (If you wanted to take the train from Woking to Chandler’s Ford, you would have to change trains at Southampton Airport Parkway). Woking to Winchester takes just around 40 minutes by train & the trains are roughly every 30 minutes.

The bus link from Heathrow to Woking is hourly. Total journey Heathrow to Winchester is 1 hour 40 minutes. However, due to ongoing rail strikes, you may not want to risk it.