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Can I get back into England on military leave orders?

I'm trying To go home to the U.S. to get married but I was told that I didn't need a passport to get back to America but I'm worried about my return to England to get back to my duty station. Would I be able to return to England with my ID and leave orders? I've already came to England on orders once but that was not leave orders. I need to make it home very soon.

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I'm not sure of the current regulations, but back in my day, if you were stationed abroad, you came and went with your leave form and military ID. No passport needed, because you're in the UK under the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) between the US and UK, not the tourist visa waiver regulations that cover most casual tourists.

But of course, ask your chain of command about the current details.

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has your command approved this wedding? If not, you are headed into very troubled waters.

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You are asking the wrong people at the wrong place.

You need to contact your CO. Are they aware you are leaving? Are they aware you are to marry? How will your new spouse return with you (if, in fact, they are)?

The military "owns" you. You can't just do what you want. Doing things without the correct paperwork and permission can have major consequences.

Contact your CO, TODAY.