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Cambridge Food Tour

Has anyone taken the Cambridge Food Tour? My husband and I would like to visit Cambridge in October and the lunch food tour sounds fun. We have a Two Together Railcard and will travel by train from London to Cambridge. Is the Cambridge train station walking distance to start of tour which I think is Fitzbillies? Also, should I purchase train ticket in advance? Anytime ticket?

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There is no cost saving in buying Anytime tickets in advance. Bear in mind that the Two Together Railcard is only valid for travel after 9.30 weekdays, anytime at weekends.

If you want the cheaper Advance tickets you must buy these at least the day before you travel.

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I don't know Fitzbillies - perhaps others do - and have never heard of the food tour.

I can say that the station is about a 15 minute walk from the centre, and that there a couple of buses which regularly run from the station up into the town.

What time (and day of week) is this trip?

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There's a food tour in Cambridge? I found their website and they have a choice of tours. They don't appear to say where any of them start (it was a rather frustrating site to navigate on my phone).

Their Food Tour Lunch features Chelsea buns so that almost certainly takes you to Fitzbillies. There are now two branches, the original on Trumpington Street and a new one on Bridge Street. I expect the tour uses the original branch which is near the Fitzwilliam Museum and about 15-20 minutes walk from the station.

Of course, you could just browse places to eat in Cambridge and do your own tour without the guide fee.

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We would be taking the weekday lunch tour that begins at 11:00; although not sure which day of week at this stage of trip planning. I thought a 9:30 train departure from London would give us time to arrive at the appointed gathering location by 11:00. Thank you for your input.

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There isn't a 9:30 departure that I am familiar with.

Trains from two stations in London serve Cambridge, Kings Cross and Liverpool Street.

Trains from Liverpool Street are often a bit cheaper but much slower.

Midweek, around 9:30, there are three possible trains:=

The 9:14 from Kings Cross platform zero, arrives nonstop Cambridge 10:06 (52 mins)

The 9:28 from Liverpool Street platform 3, arrives Cambridge at 10:51 (15 stops, 1:23) - too late for being in the centre at 11:00

The 9:44 from Kings Cross platform 5, arrives nonstop Cambridge at 10:30 (46 minutes)

The latest you can take a train from Liverpool Street (platform 1) is the 8:58 which takes 1:11 and arrives Cambridge as early as 10:09.
That may give you too much time.....

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Val, I took the same Cambridge Food Tour when I arrived in Cambridge in June 2015. It was a lot of fun, with plenty of diverse stops, different types of food, some British and others various other ethic foods, some restaurants, some bakeries, etc. My tour was given by the CFT owner, can't remember her name right now. There is quite a bit of walking involved. In my case I was arriving for three nights in Cambridge and was worried about baggage, but in the end I was able to stop by my B & B before the tour. Sounds like you're just going for a day trip, yes? A few tips: (1) don't cut the time too, too close, as it is some distance from the train station to the center of town and the tour; (2) if you care about maybe going back to any of the food stops to eat or buy items, I suggest you bring a good Cambridge street map with you, and track your path and the location of the businesses you visit. You take a circuitous route, and I did not track where we went and could not have easily found any of the shops; (3) the owner was very quick to respond to any questions I had, by e-mail, so you can feel to do the same, I expect.

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It is a bit of a hike from the Railway Station (Train Station in British. I've been corrected fairly often!) I stayed out past the Railway Station on my list trip to Cambridge. It was business and the accommodation was convenient for work, but not so much for getting to the city centre which is where Fitzbillies is. I am sure there is a bus that will get you closer. Or you can walk. It will take about a half hour. And, you can see the town while you walk. 'Maybe catch a taxi or bus back at the end of the day when you are tired.

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I booked the Cambridge Food Tour for this coming Saturday. My sister and I will take the early morning 6:45am train from Bath to Cambridge and back at 8pm. We plan to take a taxi to Fitzbillies so we are on time. A little nervous about the train>tube >train route, and still wondering if I should purchase the train tickets in advance (67 pounds each). The reviews for the food tour via TripAdvisor is what sold me on the tour. We anticipate having a really fun time.