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For me, the Eagle Pub is my favorite thing-it's where Watson and Crick first unveiled their DNA structure.
Also, Evensong at Kings' College Chapel

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Before heading there, if there are places you want to visit, ensure they are open. Earlier this month when I was there, most colleges were closed to visitors.

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Around Cambridge or in Cambridge?

Around - Imperial War Museum Duxford, Anglesey Abbey, Wimpole Estate and Houghton Mill.

In - the colleges, punting, The Backs, the Fitzwilliam Museum, Scott Polar Research Centre.

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Punting is my favorite thing to do in Cambridge. No need to make a reservation. Just walk up and you may even negotiate a price.

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If you are looking around Cambridge...

If its around Cambridge, take the train 15-20 minutes north to Ely and see the cathedral and Oliver Cromwell's house have lunch on the river, and return to Cambridge. Tickets are in the 3-5 GBP range for a return journey. Exit the station and walk up the hill.

Just outside of town (Cambridge) is the American military cemetery. The X3 bus from the train station in Cambridge will take you to it. You can also catch the 4 citi bus at Drummer St. From the train station, its a little over a 4 mile walk to the cemetery.

In town, dont miss the RAF room at the Eagle pub.

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The Scott Polar Research Institute was a highlight for me . I have read a fair amount about Polar exploration over the years , and the story of the 1910 Antarctic expeditions is one of the most important . Tragically , The British party led by Captain Scott , perished on the return from the Pole . The letters and diaries that were found in the tent on their final bivouac are preserved here in large drawers , under glass . If you know the story , seeing these documents, will bring you to tears .

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Waht sort of things do you like seeing? My can't miss list might be your list from hell...

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I loved Cambridge and hopefully you are lucky enough to visit a college.

The feel is very different than Oxford as it feels like a bucolic small town in some ways. I mostly just walked around the University and the city center and sat by the River Cam.

Though I'm a Morse fan, I actually like Cambridge more than Oxford as far as scenery.

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I was also going to recommend the short train trip to Ely, primarily to visit the cathedral. Upstairs in the cathedral is an excellent Stained Glass Museum, which traces the history of stained glass over almost 1,000 years. You can be “eyeball to eyeball” with beautiful ancient stained glass windows.
In Cambridge I also took a food tour on my first day there, which helped me get the feel for downtown and the variety of ethnic food available.
I’m sure you will visit some of the colleges. I attended a special evening concert in University Chapel that was outstanding and memorable, with a packed house.

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Brooke hope you got the intel you needed to make a decision. Oh, and you are welcome.

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You all are the best! Thank you so very much! After reading these ideas for Cambridge (and surrounding areas)…..I’m beyond excited to travel there!!