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Caledonian Sleeper train

I'm interested in possibly riding the Caledonian Sleeper train from London to Edinburgh this August. Has anyone taken this train? I saw on the website that they were updated recently. We would be flying into Heathrow and would need to get to the correct train station to catch the evening train on up to Edinburgh. Would this train be part of the BritRail pass? If we fly directly into Edinburgh instead of Heathrow, our airline tickets would cost us about $600 more each, so there is the motivation in trying to find a way to get from London on up to Scotland to start our trip there. Any input on this train would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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We are planning a London to Edinburgh on the sleeper, but just read some horrible
reviews on trip advisor. Has anyone done it lately?

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No experience on that train, but I think passengers vary greatly in their ability to sleep on a train. That may factor into the reviews you've read. Even when I was younger, I slept only fitfully on a train, which compromised my enjoyment of the next day. I certainly wouldn't consider any night train other than one of the $800/day deals an experience to be sought out.

Day trains between London and Edinburgh take only 4-1/2 hours.