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Buying tickets in advance

After many months of planning, my wife and I are looking forward to leaving September 4 for a 12 day car trip through the English countryside - Cotswolds, Peaks, Lakes, and ending in Edinburgh.

Since we will have three days in each area we have some flexibility to be outside hiking in the sun or, for example, inside Blenheim Palace on a rainy day.

Originally, I thought about buying advance tickets for things in Bath, Stonehenge, Stratford Upon Avon, Chatsworth House, Edinburgh Castle, etc., etc. Maybe saving a 30-40 pounds with any advance discount. However, believing that things could be flexible due to weather or travel time, I am thinking that simply buying on the spot admission tickets may be the best.

Also, I probably won't use Viator to combine several attractions (we have in the past and that is nice for not waiting in long lines), but that may not work this trip.

So, any "discount / in advance" suggestions or to buy the tickets for the HOHO bus in Bath, or Blenheim Palace when we are there?
Thank you. Ted

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If booking online saves 1-2 pounds and lets you skip a ticket line, that's worthwhile for some people, but not a necessity nor even a particular convenience, all things considered. I would buy tickets the old-fashioned way, as you go, unless it's for a scheduled, guided tour or other limited opportunity.

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Unless it's something that sells out, such as The Globe Theater, I never buy advanced tickets to anything.
You are can be a HUGE factor in England and you don't want to have advance tickets to something like Stonehenge only to find out that the it's going to be pouring rain! Just go with the flow, pay attention to the weather forecasts once you arrive, and plan accordingly. I really don't think there are any discount/advance tickets that make a big enough difference in price or convenience to make it worth it IMHO.