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Buying a cell phone at Heathrow Airport

I can't seem to find a cell phone provider in any of the terminals at heathrow when I look up information online.
I' m arriving at terminal 3 from Canada. Does anyone know if you can buy a cell at the airport?

I am staying overnight in Windsor and then going on to the Cotswolds but I will need a phone before I leave Windsor. Can anyone help?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thank you, Carol

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Looks like there is a Vodaphone shop at Terminal 5 before departures. Might try there or just wait to get to Windsor and check on the High Street for different shops.

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According to google, there is a Carphone Warehouse in Windsor. I'd suggest you try there.

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As mentioned above, Carphone Warehouse would be you're best bet and BTW they are called mobile phones in the UK.

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Look at the carphonewarehouse web site and plug n chug the zip code for the place you are going to stay in Windsor.

also, there are other cell phone outlets too.

happy trails.

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Thanks to everyone for the mobile phone info in Windsor and Heathrow. I will certainly look them up when I arrive.
That was most helpful!
Yes I was aware Brits call them mobiles just didn't expect people from the UK to respond...

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I called my cell phone provider and they enabled my phone to work in England for only $5 for the month, 99cents/min for calls, 50cents/text sent, 5cents/text read. This was a new service being provided, last fall they didn't have this option. It's worth a try to call them to see if your provider has this type of temporary plan you can add onto your phone.

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Carephone in Windsor have unlocked,Simfree phones for £16.
A UK sim will give you calls at 2p a min here, and calls to US 5c a min