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Bus from Windsor to Heathrow?

My family will be staying in Windsor for two nights at the end of our trip, so will need to get to Heathrow from there. What’s the best way to do this? I checked Rome 2 Rio and it appears there are three different bus lines that make the trip (First, Green Line, and Courtney Buses). Is one recommended over the others? And, is the bus the best way to get from Windsor to Heathrow by public transport? I’d rather not take a car as we won’t have a booster seat for our younger child.

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A bus will take 1 hour 25 minutes, that a long for a young child. A taxi is a 15 minute ride, will provide a seat for your child, of course a taxi will be more then a bus, but IMO well worth it.

Edit: to correct a typo.....bus will take 1 hour 2 or 3 minutes. Honestly, it really all depends on time of day, traffic, and which terminal you are going to.

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Citymapper lists the journey time by bus as 45 minutes. Is that not accurate?