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Bus from Chippenham to Lacock

I'm still trying to work out how to get from Bath to Lacock. The train from Bath to Chippenham is easy to work out, but I'm having a difficult time finding the bus schedule from Chippenham to Lacock. Would someone please post a link to the correct website? Thank you!

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here's how I get the information for your answer...

Go to the same National Rail website you used for finding the Bath-Chippenham train.

At the top, one of the buttons is Station information. Pop in Chippenham. Upper right corner, Local Maps.

You get You can get this for most stations, by the way.

Have a look on the pdf I just linked, it is chock full of information.

Find Lacock, and note that the bus is the X34 with an asterisk. Follow the asterisk and note that "* Bus route X34 operates late afternoons/evenings only from Railway Station Stop A, all buses operate from the bus station"

So now for happiness most of the day you will want to make your way to the Bus Station. It is just at the bottom of the 10 minute walk circle on the second map. But we'll double check that it doesn't stop at the train station when we look at the schedule.

An X in bus number usually means limited stops, long distance. There is a webpage and phone number for bus info in the green bar 3/4 of the way down the page, but I'd use google. So google "chippenham x34" and see what happens.

The first result is and returns Note the operator is Faresaver buses and skipping down to the second table for southbound services note that the X34 calls at bay 5 of the bus station and leaves hourly on the hour for the 13 minute trip to The George (pub) in Lacock, and from the first (northbound) table, the bus back to Chippenham is at xx:45.

You'll see references to "Plus-Bus". That's a good railway programme to give you a local bus pass for the day at your destination for a lower than normal price. Just buy the train ticket Bath-Chippenham "plus Bus" and get both together. Only available that way.

Then again, after all that, I'd use the little list in the Taxis bar on the map page, and arrange for collection by one of those taxis. A short trip from Chippenham.

Hope this helps...

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Thanks for posting Nigel - I didn't know that - saves a lot of googling for bus services and times!!

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Nigel, I am saving this post! Thanks for that detailed explanation.