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Bus 148 London

Does London bus #148 run from Westminister to Notting Hill Gate AND from Notting Hill Gate to Westminister? What is the best site to look up for direction of bus, how often it runs, etc.

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Transport for London is your website.
However, the absolute best tool for when you are in London is the City Mapper App. I just used it last week to navigate all around London and it was fabulous. You put in where you want to go and it will give you several options including bus or tube. It will show you where to walk to catch the bus, what bus to catch, and when you can expect the next one to come along. Then, it will track your progress along the route and even notify you when it is the correct stop to get off.

Download City Mapper and you will find getting around London by public transport easier than ever.

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buses usually run in both directions, with the stops nearly opposite each other but usually offset slightly. Once you have seen one London bus stop the others will be recognisable easily. When the bus gets to the end of the line it turns around and comes back, until it reaches the other end and turns around again. If there is a section of one-way streets the bus stops will reasonably close on adjacent streets.

London buses are frequent, although there is the old adage of "Wait forever and then three come along at once." Traffic can and does often mess with schedules, so unless you are looking late night or early Sunday morning you should be more interested in the frequency than the time at a particular stop. It is also worthwhile being aware of where other routes at the same stop or nearby go so you know if it is sensible to board one of them. Most bus stops have a graphical representation of the routes at that stop, often on the sides of the sign post, sometimes on the back wall of the shelter which is attached to most central bus stops.

Sounds complicated but in reality when you see it you will see how simple and easy it is.

Remember that although you tap in and tap out of the tube and trains, you only tap in on buses and if you tap out you will be charged an extra fare.....

As Carol said, for all the facts about transport in London, the government website is best especially their plana journey page where you first land on their site. TfL stands for "Transport for London"

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It does indeed. It’s a bus I take rather often. It even goes beyond those stops.

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Adding to Carol’s post. You would need a data plan to use the citymapper app while out and about.