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Burton-on-the Water

This September my wife and I are on a 12 day car trip through England. We plan for three nights in the Cotswolds , currently planning to stay at The Olde Bakehouse, in Chipping Campden, mentioned in Rick's travel guidebook. It sounds great, with even one reviewer saying "Bilbo Baggins would like to have stayed here."

However, I keep thinking about Burton-on-the-Water as an alternative location. The streams throughout town look wonderful. Although I know it is a pretty tourist crowed, by staying there overnight, we'd be able to enjoy the early morning hours and in the evening after tourists head elsewhere (I assume most move on).

During the days we would be traveling the Costwolds, including Bath, Avebury, Blenheim Palace, and Stratford.

So, your thoughts on Burton-on-the-Water for a 3 night stay vs Chipping Campden. Thank you.

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I wouldn't want to choose one over the other - both towns have advantages and disadvantages.

But when you start looking for things in Bourton on the Water you need to add in that "o". If you search for Burton you will only find misspellings.

Parking is not easy at either but I would venture a guess that it can be a smidgen easier in Chipping Campden.

If I am showing people around who are staying at one, I usually show them the other, amongst many.

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IMHO, Bath, and Avebury, and other southern Cotswold towns are much too far for a base in the north or north west Cotswolds.

Don't look at a map, find the number of miles as the crow flies and divide by 60 for the number of hours in the car. It is much much slower and more fun driving in the Cotswolds than that.

If you want to see Wiltshire stay in Wiltshire.

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I would stay in Bourton-on-the-Water. We were in Bourton-on-the-Water this past September and there wasn't any crowds. I love the village, it is so beautiful

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We stayed in Stowe on the Wald which was quite nice but it touring the area we saw Burton on the Waters and said next time we will stay here. It is just as beautiful in real life as it is in the pictures.

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I second Nigel's opinion that Bath and Avenury are too far from the Cotswolds to make for a sensible day trip. Lots to see in the charming Cotswolds so focus your time there. Keep Bleinheim on the schedule. We made an easy day trip there and it's fabulous. We thought BOTW to be more charming than CC. We stayed in Stow on the Wold at wonderful Little Broom B&B (Rick's recommendation). Everything is so close you can easily drive and enjoy any of the places sans crowds.

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Thanks for the advice. The trip to Bath and Avebury is one entire day. We will enjoy driving through the southern Cotswolds on the way down and back. UK Maps says it is about 60 miles and 1. 5 hours.

Here in the US, we drive 6-8 hours for a day trip frequently. Driving and enjoying the countryside is half the fun.

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Parking shouldn't be a problem in Chipping Camden if you are willing to drop your stuff and park a couple of blocks away. We spent 5 hours in Chipping Camden waiting for road service for a flat tire (no spare tire provided on the hired car). At least one of us was at the phone box directly in front of the Bakehouse and our car was in a (no fee) lot at the "Back Ends" a short walk away.

I found Bourton-on-the-Water to be crowded (mid-July), and Chipping Camden to be uncrowded, were it me I'd go with Chipping Camden, despite our inconvenient afternoon there.