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Budget Hotels in London

Can you recommend a budget hotel or budget hotel chain in London?

I prefer my own room preferably with private bath, free wi fi and breakfast included.. So I am willing to go higher than just basic since I often have to.

My trip is not until August 2023 so I have plenty of time for research.

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Have you checked out Premier Inn or their Hub brand which is smaller and cheaper rooms? They have several in London in many areas.

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If you can give an idea of what “budget” means to you, you’ll get better suggestions.

Plenty of recommendations here for Premier Inn, but not sure if that’s budget enough for you. I stayed in their Hub, which is an even lower cost version but I had issues with the Wi-Fi so even though rooms are comfy not sure I could recommend it unless it better suits your price point.

:) overlapped with Laurie Beth. Hi! The plus if starting this early is that you might score a good price at the regular Premier. The only thing to remember is that their prices are dynamic- they go up AND down- so I wouldn’t do non-cancellable prepay unless you get a price that can’t possible be beat. And then don’t look at prices again just in case. Also, if you do the Hub, some of the single rooms don’t have exterior windows and with Premier, there is no way to contact the hotel except by calling a local number (no 800 number and no email). If you are particular about this or anything else and don’t have an international calling plan, pick a Big room (more likely to get a real window). But this early, I’d give more consideration to regular Premier if it’s in your budget.

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Thank you for your responses.

I have been doing some of my own research and getting results.

For me, I think that budget is $200 or less a night depending on what I am getting. Sometimes I have to get more realistic. Sometimes I have to consider a shared bathroom or not include breakfast. Sometimes I have to accept that wi fi is only in the common areas. Sometimes I have to book only three nights instead of four.

Some shared bathrooms are ok and sme are not. Some breakfasts are a feast and some are meager.

I have discovered Premier Inn and they have some very helpful information on their site about how to book for less. I realize that cost depends on the neighborhoods.

One of the visitor's sites has also been helpful. Visit London had a page about budget hotels and mentioned the EasyHotel, Premier Inns, Travelodge, Ibis, Holiday Express and Point A Hotel.

I am also a. member of Marriott and IHG Rewards. I am at Genius Level with Booking.

I had to put in fake dates since it is too soon to. book but I have been getting some ok results. But I do not yet know neighborhoods and streets.

I like recommendations. I appreciate what you have offered. As I get closer, i will probably ask questions about neighborhoods and specific hotels.

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Since you're going in August, the lack of AC at Tudor Court may be a problem.

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Finding air conditiining is a big issue when you're shopping for a budget room in London. However, your definition of "budget" is considerably more generous than mine, so I think you'll be fine.

One of the things I like about the Premier Inns is that most have a/c. What I don't like is that the PIs are not responsive to questions by phone or email. If your question isn't answered on the (inferior) corporate website, you're out of luck. I assume the nonresponsiveness is a conscious decision to keep costs down. The rooms are very nice for the money.

I have never had breakfast at a PI, so I don't know whether their breakfasts are decent or not. It has always seemed to me that hotel breakfasts are overpriced unless you have the appetite of a growing teenager. I'd rather shoot for less quantity and more quality at a cafe, so I opt out of hotel breakfasts whenever possible.

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Your budget is perfectly adequate to get a good hotel room. We like Holiday Inn Express and Hampton Inn in that price range. We like Premier Inns, but have at times had a tough time getting in touch with them to make a change to our reservations.
The breakfast at the Premier Inns is OK, but there are many small coffee shops serving breakfast items that will be cheaper.

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Love Premier Inn at Waterloo and Premier Inn County Hall. You can make advance reservations that are fully refundable. If the price goes down, redo the reservation.

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We were in England for a week in June, we stayed at the Best Western in Chiswick and were quite happy with our room. It had air con, a private bath and was less than a 10 minute walk to the tube station. In room Wi-Fi was good.

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A continuing thank you for all those who have been giving me suggestions snd tips and opinions.

I only book a hotel room that is refundable. I also always buy insurance for my plane trips and cruise.

I do not know if I will need air conditioning even in August. I realize that London is having a heat wave and I have read that temperatures are as high as 88 F but I am in Texas where we are having a heat wave and temperatures are 110 F.

I am thinking that I might not need air conditioning in London even in August but I will take it if it comes with my hotel room.

I am watching youtube videos about Walking around London. I am downloading maps and learning about the 32 neighborhoods in London. I am beginning to get acquainted with London. Just beginning.

I was able to use and put in my dates for August 2023 and was amazed at all the results that i got.

A lot of the hotels were very reasonable for what I was getting.

I will not be booking until about October or November and then continue to hotel shop. I grab something just to be safe but then I usually find something better and cancel and book and cancel and book.

Here are my tentative plans.

I will be flying from Austin, Texas to Heathrow and then take the National Bus (Is that the right name) to Southhampton. I plan to spend two or three nights in Southhampton before sailing on Norwegian VIVA. The cruise ends in Lisbon. I will spend three or four.nights in Lisbon before flying back to London. And then spend three or four nights in London before flying home.

So it is a big trip and even a bit complicated.

I was scheduled to fly to Amsterdam next month and sail on the NCL Prima to iceland but Norwegian had to cancel because of supply chain problems. They could not finish the ship for August but it is on for September.

Norwegian has already had to cancel June and July 2023 for the VIVA because of supply chain problems but my August 2023 is on as of today.

So it can not hurt to start learning about London just in case my ship gets built and really sails.

If it doesn't, I might just come to London another time. Nothing says that I have to take a cruise.

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I think you will regret it if you do a pass on the air conditioning in August. You can get a good priced hotel with air conditioning so why would you risk it?

City Mapper App. I have been to London several times, but this last time was the first time I used the City Mapper App and it made a huge difference in the ease of moving around the city. It gives bus and tube information in real time and handy directions/maps.

I hope that everything works out with your cruises and travel plans. When you are in Southampton before your cruise, you may want to pop down to Portsmouth (very close and easy) and tour the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. It is a brief 3-4 minute walk from the train station at Portsmouth Harbor.

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take the National Bus (Is that the right name)

National Express

Do you have a house in Austin with no a/c? Then you'll be fine in London with none. Maybe.

Consider the outside noise - nicely muted with a/c, can be very loud and disturbing without.

Consider that heat rises in London so upper stories will be hotter than lower ones. And that stone, concrete and asphalt hold onto the heat.

People in Austin head for the river - can't do that in London.

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Hello Nigel,

are you the same Nigel who was advising me about Amsterdam and Reykjavik when I was going to cruise on the Prima. Norwegian had to cancel my cruise.

I have air conditioning in my apartment and do not go any. where outside until after 7 pm.

I live on Lady Bird Lake but we can not swim in it . What about the Thames? I was watching a Walk Around London Youtube video yesterday and there looked to be shores and even beaches on a body of water. I assumed it to be the Thames.

Ok so I will look for a hotel with air conditioning

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Hi Carol now retired

Here is more on my situation.

I have a distant cousin in London who I have never met. I have an Austin acquaintance who is an artist and now has a studio in London. I have a very old friend from my time in Los. Angeles in the 1960's. She is British and has been back in England since the 60's. I actually saw her in London in the 1960's and hope to see her again.

I did go to Europe about 1967 but so much has changed.

So a lot of my free time in Southhampton and London is going to depend on whether any of these three are available.

Thank you however for the recommendations.

I am also going to check out the app.

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No not me. I know nothing about Reykjavik.

We had a person who came on once using my name but it wasn't me.

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Re. A/C. If you get a hotel like Premier Hub that doesn’t have operable windows and automatically shuts off air when you leave , then the room is a bit warm at night even with a/c. I could have done with a/c if there had been air flow and cool nights. . Not sure how nighttime temps are there in august but here’s your reminder to check them.

And here is an area rec- Holborn. The Hub I stayed at was near Goodge street tube station, central to lots of stuff in case of strikes, but the regular Premier (or any other hotel) near Holborn would also be convenient, depending on your priorities of things to see. It’s a quieter area to come home to.

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