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Brompton Folding Bicycle Rental-who knew?

As a sometime collector and lover of bicycles I have long wanted to try out a Brompton folding bike. I was surprised to see that Brompton has had a hire scheme in England since 2011, with more than twenty locations where you can rent or return a Brompton, and more on the way. This seems like a natural for tourists, and a real plus is that for day tripping you can easily bring it along with you on the train and have wheels when you arrive. For those comfortable on a bicycle it could eliminate the need for a car rental in some cases. Prices are quite reasonable, they rent per 24 hours, and there are a few locations in London. You can also do a one-way rental.

Brompton's are made in London and have quite an interesting history.

I want to do this!

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That's pretty interesting-- hope your next trip will be before too long!