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Britrail Pass Question

We are looking at travelling from London-Haltwhistle/Corbridge-Oxford/Oxford-Portsmouth/London-Salisbury/Salisbury-St Ives/St Ives-London. I have been studying the Britrail website and I see that there is a Britrail Southwest pass that includes all but Haltwhistle and Corbridge. The other pass I see is the Britrail pass that mentions it allows the ability to travel across the entire National Rail network of Great Britain but the colour coded map does not show Haltwhistle and Corbridge included. I'm a wee bit confused. Does anyone know if indeed the Britrail includes the all places mentioned, and all of England or do I just purchase the Britrail Southwest pass and purchase separate tickets for those not included or is there another pass that includes Haltwhistle and Corbridge?
I hope someone knows. Thanks!

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The national Britrail pass does cover all lines and stations.

But what is the difference in price between the South West and the National Pass?

If it's more than around £100 then it will be cheaper to buy point to point advance tickets for the London to Haltwhistle to Oxford section of the journey than buy the National pass. If the difference is between £100 and £150 it might still be worth the National Pass for the flexibility. More than that and it is clearly point to point for the Northern section.

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Thank you for your explanation. I just realized my mistake on reading the colour coded map and now see that it includes all. I will further check into the price differences. Thanks again.

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As you say “we” I assume that there are at least two of you in your party? If so, you should be aware that there are also railcards available in the UK that will give you good discounts on rail tickets. In particular the TwoTogether card costs £30 but gives /3rd discount on all ticket types, so you can quickly make significant savings for travel like your plans, maybe enough to beat the BritRail packages.