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British Library update--for we book types

The British Library is conveniently located near the Kings Cross Railway Station and Euston and so is a popular place to visit for those of us with some time to spend while waiting for the Eurostar or a train north to Scotland. So, I was very interested to hear about the planned expansion of the exhibition space. Then I found the webpage that explains a bit more about what they are doing and the plans. There is a long video here.

If you've never been, do go. The exhibits were fascinating and you can easily while a way an hour or two exploring them. You can see what's available now here.

When I visited there was a great exhibit on Henry VIII. What have other seen?

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I am glad to hear that they are expanding the exhibition space. The current one is pretty compact, and given the span of what it covers, I am sure that there is much more that could be exhibited. I guess my tip would be if you are the type of person who is interested in history/documents/and books take a deeper look at the larger collection. There are some accessible parts of the collection available to the public, for example Maps, and even just outside the current exhibit area is a large collection of stamps in pull out displays.

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Love perusing the exhibits at the British Library and I find the architecture fascinating. Thanks for the links, Pam.

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Thanks, Pam. I love the British Library. On my first trip to Europe I spent an entire morning there' that was when it was part of the British Museum.

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Hi Pamela,

I'm a fan too.

The British Library is on my regular agenda for any trip to London.

I quite liked the Georgian exhibit they had a couple of years ago.

Down by the ladies room on the basement level there are some interesting more permanent exhibits – one is a printing press and another a case with art that was commissioned as part of what I think was a low-cost housing estate some decades back. That last one really made me think about where we find art and where we choose to put it.



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Thanks for the information. We are staying fairly close to this library and plan to make a point to visit.

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I was hoping that someone would post about the their regular exhibits as I am not as up on them. Since joining one of Britain's original University Presses, I've become keenly aware of the scholarship and history of libraries!