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British Airways Flight + Hotel Package in London?

Has anyone bought one of these packages? If so, what did you think of the value of the package and the quality of the hotel? I'm comfortable with and accustomed to making my own hotel reservations in London, but I when I noodle around on the BA website, these deals catch my eye. There are some nice hotels on offer. I haven't priced out the hotel as included in the package vs. booking it on my own. Just curious to know of anyone's experience. Thanks.

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Not sure about the timing of the travel package you’re looking at— but British Airways pilots may be going out on strike in the near future if management does not offer BALPA, the pilot’s union , a satisfactory contract.

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Kenko, I don't have a firm date for this trip--still in the thinking stage. Would probably be in late fall if I go.

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We did this years ago for a week in London and it worked out just fine. As I recall, the price of the package was based on the quality of the hotel and the dates of travel. If the package offers you what you want, then go for it.

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I've occasionally noticed those deals and thought they seemed like a good value until I realized they were per person, double occupancy. As a solo traveler, that wouldn't work for me. Be sure you read the fine print.

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My wife and I have taken advantage of this special on a couple occasions. Both times it was airfare and 2 free nights at the hotel, so we just ended up paying for the extra nights we were in town. On both occasions our preferred hotel was one of the hotels we could book, so it worked out well.

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On occasions (during some sales) the package can even be cheaper than the flight alone.

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I've been using these BA packages for 7 years now although for destinations elsewhere in Europe flying from London. I've found they offer exceptional value for money, in the past I've compared the prices against buying the flights with a budget airline and booking the hotel separately and I've never been able to get anywhere near the prices that BA offers so I'm guessing they've either got very good rates with the hotels or they're breaking even on the flights. The hotels have all been of good to great quality and we usually opt for four or five star.

I'm supposed to be booking another package with them to Lisbon in September for six friends but I'm holding off at the moment because BA are a bit flakey and unreliable at the moment. Hopefully the forecast will be better once the August school holidays are over.