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Best womens shoes

My daughter (18) and I will be going to London and Paris this summer. Having hard time choosing shoes that will be comfortable and versatile.
Packing very light/ carryon travel bag a apiece.


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Everyone will have their own opinion (personally, I love Naot sandals and Blundstone boots - they go with me every holiday, but the boots - not so much in the hot summer, but we always travel in the fall - and I used to swear by Clarks clogs before they started cheaping out on them. Privo by Clarks have some cute comfy shoes.) but whatever you do - make sure you break the darn things in before you go. I'd get them at least 3-4 weeks ahead and wear them to make sure you will find them comfy. This is coming from someone who sold shoes for 12 years. 'Mary Jane' type shoes can look cute dressed up or should have an extra pair (wear a pair, obviously, and pack a pair) in case one pair gets wet or just to give your feet a break.

I am actually going to be on the hunt for a pair of black waterproof leather shoes to take in addition to my Naots this year as we are going in early Sept and as much as I hate to leave my boots behind, I know it will be too hot in Rome to wear them.

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Hi Janet - I am going to London and Amsterdam in July. I was wondering the same thing and found some recommendations. One recommendation was Ahnu brand. The style is Karma. I ordered them from Zappos and have been wearing them a lot to get them broken in and they are so light and comfortable as well as cute. I may purchase another pair in a different color, but right now I'm looking for more of a sneaker to wear when it rains.

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I love my Keen Kaci clogs. Basic black and I wore them everyday during our month-long vacation in England/Wales last year (heck, I wear them most days here at home!).

We leave in a couple of weeks for another month-long break. Returning to England, again, as well as Scotland. I'll wear my Keens and, this time, I am also taking a pair of black Chaco sandals and a pair of Propet Travel Walkers (in taupe).

These will take me through everything we'll want to do.

I have custom orthotics that I always wear. They really help keep feet comfy.

Obviously, if you are planning on anything very dressy, you'll need something other than sturdy!

As a previous poster said, wear, IN ADVANCE, whatever shoes you plan on taking! A trip is not the place to find out they pinch or give you blisters. They need to be "broken-in" and stretched to fit your foot. Make sure you have good socks, as well.

We also bought a tube of peppermint lotion at a Boots in London. Gave ourselves foot massages each night after our day's adventures. Sure made us ready for the next day of trekking the cobblestone streets or castles or museums.

Also, I wanted to add, try to coordinate your wardrobe to make packing even easier. I kept my color-scheme to black and royal blue and I could mix-&-match everything. I was able to easily pack for an entire month in a carry-on. I skipped bringing any jewelry (other than my wedding ring, watch and medic alert bracelet), and carried a very small purse that I could actually wear under my sweater or jacket. I also took a men's khaki travel vest (Eddie Bauer) which allowed me many pockets and no shoulder strain! Kept everything handy and safe and is very lightweight and comfortable. It was a bit boxy, but I tailored it to better-fit my female form!

You'll love both cities!!

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Big lover of Keen shoes. Own 4 pairs. Hike daily in the Newports. Have worn a pair in London as well. Light weight but very sturdy. Toes are protected. Comfortable, practical shoes. No blisters. Perfect fit for my feet. Excellent support. Stability. Expensive but for me worth every penny. Love the Keen brand. There's a closeout sale online at REI right now $100 sandals going for $69.00. U Might be leary of the color though. I own a pair in red. Have them on now. Will guarantee I'll get a compliment some time today about them. A positive, "love those sandals," remark. Never fails.

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It's a good idea to bring two pairs of shoes, if possible with limited space. Since my trip to London included miles and miles of walking every day (a lot of it spent to-ing and fro-ing at the Tube stations!) I took my trusty Fluevog boots--tried and true, sturdy, stylish and always comfy--plus a pair of their Sandra mary janes, which were good with or without socks. I encountered cobblestones everywhere in London (and on day trips to Oxford and Edinburgh), so knew I needed shoes that were up to the rigors of that. For my trip this summer to Vienna and Budapest I'm leaving the boots home and taking Dansko Sam and Keen Toyah.

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Munro makes good travel shoes/sandals also. Mephisto's are more expensive, but they are wonderful and supportive. You can find Munro's and Mephisto's at or on They both offer free shipping.

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Zappos is a good place to start as some other people have suggested, I might also recommend they carry brand names just like Zappos, and offer Free shipping over $100