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Best way to Stansed from Victoria area.

Not sure I spelled the airport right, but what is the most reliable, quickest, cheapest way to get there from Victoria neighborhood?

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Yup, Victoria Line to Tottenham Hale then Stansted Express.

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So this is better than one of the bus companies that leave from Victoria? Is it because of traffic?

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Trains are always faster than buses. And the timing is reliable.

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Much quicker this way. It's only about 20-25 minutes from Victoria to Tottenham Hale and the train from there will be much quicker than the coach.

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" reliable, quickest, cheapest" - you can probably only achieve at most two of these with any of various solutions, maybe only one.

Going to Stansted from Victoria is the wrong question, as it would be easier etc to go to Gatwick, Heathrow, even City airport.

However, if you must, book an advance on the train.

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Look up the website for Stansted airport. It shows the possibilities. Several bus companies operate from Victoria Bus terminal, which is a stiff few blocks walk from Victoria Train terminal. Some buses stop at the train terminal as well and it is nice not to have to make a transfer. Heavy traffic hours in London are really heavy but in the off-hours the ride could be about an hour. If the roads are going to be congested then a train might make more sense.

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I would take the bus. It is convenient and reasonably quick. But buy the ticket a day or two before so that you have a seat on the bus.

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The tube and train are reliable - almost always - and predictable. The Finchley Road or A10 or whatever route the bus takes is unpredictable. I've never ridden that bus but I can pretty much guarantee it. Unless you are going on a Sunday morning.

When is your flight from Stansted?

You want a) reliable, b) quickest, c) cheapest, right?

Tube to train will be a+b and perhaps c.

Bus may be c.

Since you are leaving from Victoria they both start at the same place, give or take half a mile.

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Stansted is the closest airport to me (apart from London City). If I wanted to get there from Victoria I would always take the tube + train.

Only thing to check about the train before travelling, which starts at London Liverpool Street, is to confirm that there aren't any rail upgrades or whatever that network rail do from time to time and that you can pick it up from Tottenham Hale (the usual interchange spot) as sometimes it goes on another line and you pick it up at Seven Sisters (also on the Victoria Line).

I would be very stressed taking a road trip from Victoria station to Stansted airport to catch a flight. I'm sure its mostly OK, I just wouldn't do it.