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Best way Heathrow to Bayswater station? Also recs for coffee/cafes near Hyde park?

We’ll be staying near bayswater near Hyde park/Kensington area with 2 kids so not sure the best way to get to the hotel from Heathrow? Take the express to Paddington?

Also any good cafes or coffee shops in that area? Would like to maybe grab coffees in the morning and take nice walks!

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From Heathrow take the Underground direct to Hammersmith, get off and change to a District line train going to Edgware Road. Get off at Bayswater Station.

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There are a number of ways to do this. I usually take the Elizabeth Line to Paddington and either walk, take the tube (District Line) or take a cab to Bayswater. Since you are four people, you may want to take a cab, which is ~GBP10-15 depending on the exact location of your accommodation.

Queensway is a busy road with lots of food/drink options. I usually just cross Bayswater Road and enter Kensington Gardens through the Black Lion gate for my morning/evening strolls and tea/coffee at the cafe/kiosk near the Diana Memorial Playground. It is right off Broadwalk, so easy to spot. There are also lots of benches to sit and the playground is wonderful for the kids.

Enjoy your trip to a lovely city!

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With four people, including 2 kids, you might want to just book a car service. It will cost more, but they take you directly to your hotel, and you wouldn’t have to shlepping your bags on and off two trains and then through the streets to reach the hotel.

I assume you plan to drop your bags and then head out for your walk and that coffee? We love walking in both Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park. There are cafes in both but I will have to check the opening times. In any case you are likely to pass a coffee place on your way. If you provide a more precise location I will have a look around. I know of a place that my husband likes, but it is right close to Paddington station. I am sure there will be closer options.

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There’s a Cafe Nero on Hereford Road. Ibo cafe is small but great breakfasts and good coffee.

My spot(s) for coffee aren’t in Bayswater but in the nearby Paddington neighborhood. However, if Cafe Diana is still open you can get coffee there.

In the Paddington neighborhood:
1.) Sheila’s Cafe across the road from The Mitre pub. 2.) The Italian Gardens Cafe in Hyde Park

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How old are the "kids?" Are they toddlers who need to be watched over every minute or young adults who can fend for themselves?

I'm thinking of your luggage. If the kids are young and one of you has to watch them while the other plays sherpa, then get a car service.

If the "kids" can manage their own bags then either the Heathrow Express or Elizabeth line to Paddington, then either a cab or the Underground (District or Circle Line) one stop to Bayswater.

Personally, I would get a quote for a car service. As stated, with four of you it might not be much more than taking public transportation and it's door to door.

BTW, if you tell us the hotel, we can give you even more precise directions.

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There is a really nice cafe right on the Serpentine in Hyde Park, Colicci Serpentine Coffee House. Seats right on the lake, nice coffee, wonderful memories.

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It appears there are two options by the water of the Serpentine, one the “Bar and Kitchen”, the other the “Lido Cafe”. Both open at 8 am.

They have very different breakfast menus, and neither seems to offer just breakfast breads or pastries, but they both have an array of coffee drinks. And maybe the baked goods are on offer there, off-menu.

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I just got back from the UK and we spent half a day in London waiting for our plane. We spent most of the time in Hyde and finding all the locations from Good Omens. Try to feed apple slices to the parrots in Hyde park (you are not suppose to feed the birds). I had lunch at Mother Mash. It was near Soho and very good. I suggest making a reservation, it gets very busy.