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Best train station from London to Cotswolds and itinerary


Can someone suggest a two itinerary from London to Cotswolds without having to rent a car and yet be able to see Cotswolds most touristy hamlets?

Also, is there any family friendly hotel you'd recommend?

Thank you so much!

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I took a tour with Go Cotswolds back in 2019. You would need to take the train from London to Moreton-in Marsh. They pick you up at the train station. It was a good way to see a number of picturesque towns without a car.

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Public transportation within the Cotswolds is not great. It will be difficult without a rental car but it can be done.

Taking a tour is a great idea. I toured the Cotswolds with Madmax Tours out of Bath.

BTW, if traveling to the Cotswolds you will depart London from Paddington Station.

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All of info's posts reported to webmaster for review. They all promote a tour company.

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They may be promoting a tour company, BUT it is a new local small bus company, who do actually exist.

As they are new they are unknown to this forum (and to me), but deserve to be here as a suggestion of a possible company, aside from the usual suspects in this area.

So they expand the range of possible tours both within the Cotswolds and also from London. And the multi day tours have included accommodation at 4 company owned cottages in Stratford.

It seems like a nice idea, a bit of a different kind of offering from the normal. Also they are different sorts of itineraries from the other established companies.

Certainly isn't spam. We don't know that the OP hasn't actually been on one of their tours as a paying customer and actually did enjoy it.

This could be a genuine post for all we know, it clearly isn't spam. The doubt is whether it classifies as advertising.

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I didn't say it was spam. I said I sent it in for review.

It is a possble violation of the community guidelines.

The webmaster will decide.

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Given there have been 3 posts in a short time all advertising the same company it seems to me to be an obvious case of advertising. It may well be a new small interesting company but if advertising isn’t allowed there can’t be exceptions for some companies that some posters like the sound of.