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best summer strategies for crowds in London

Do you think it is best to arrive when the museums first open or about an hour later?

This is for the British Museum and the Tower of London.

Thank you.

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Arrive at opening for least crowding, and the British Museum will be a tad cooler (no AC).

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Book advance tickets for opening time in both cases, and get there a bit early (you still have to wait in a fairly long security line at the British Museum). Once inside the museum, I’d suggest going straight to the star exhibits like the Rosetta Stone and the Parthenon room, which quickly get mobbed. At the Tower, make a beeline for the Crown Jewels first, and you should be able to walk straight in, no waits. Then explore the rest of the site at your leisure.

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Definitely at opening for the British museum. Only takes a half hour or so for the crown to form around the Rosetta Stone so go there first. Or even better (if it’s in your budget), do an out of hours tour that starts at 9am and see part of the museum when it’s pretty empty.