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best places to stay with kids in Bath, Glastonbury and around Warwick Castle

Hi, Just looking for recommendations or confirmations of RS's places to stay in these areas. We will have a car with 2 adults 2 kids next week.

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I know Warwick Castle quite well, as my parents live a mile and a half from it. Warwick is contiguous with Leamington Spa which is a larger town with something of a student population. I know that in Leamington there's a new Travelodge that opened some time last year, as well as the Regent Hotel (they're practically opposite each other on the Parade). There is also a few smaller B&B's, especially along the Emscote Road from Warwick to Leamington, although a lot of them are used by business men staying over for work. There are also a few B&B's etc in Leamington. There's also the Thomas James Hotel in Leamington, but I would advise against staying there, as its above an extremely popular bar, that is open till 1 or 2am at least. In Warwick there's quite a lot of hotels - the Lord Leycester, which is very close to the Castle (actually most of them in Warwick are, as its pretty small), the Old Crown, and others. There's also the Hilton and the Holiday Inn, which are just outside Warwick. Bear in mind, that if you stay there, it'll be a car journey in, as the roads are quite busy (they're both just off the motorway).

So its a toss up, stay in Warwick and be a bit closer to the Castle, but parking is sometimes a problem, or stay in Leamington and be in a slightly larger town that also has a small (free) museum in the old pump rooms, with an art gallery and a cafe, a lovely park right in the centre, and quite a lot of restaurants and shops, but then have a 10 min drive to the Castle (although you can also get the train from Leamington to Warwick - which takes about 4 minutes). Don't get me wrong, Warwick is nice, but it's not very big (and to my mind Leamington has better (and more diverse) restaurants). Also, if you do go to Warwick, consider going up St Mary's Church Tower - the views from the top are good, and you can usually get some good photographs of the castle. Also, depending on how old your children are, they may want to do brass rubbing in the church (old brass engraved plates that were used on tombs etc, - you put a piece of paper over them and then using chalk or a crayon rub the other side so the image comes out on the piece of paper).

ALSO: I last went to Warwick Castle in December, we deliberately took the train from Leamington to Warwick as with the Chiltern Line ticket (which is the train that goes from Leamington to Warwick) you get a 2 for 1 offer on tickets - this can save quite a bit of money (certainly WAAAAY more than the cost of the train ticket). You do need the voucher from this site, and it runs until the end of 2014:

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Thanks Alex. If anyone knows of a place outside of Bath it would be appreciated as ones there look a bit pricey.