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Best places for hiking (in the UK, not just England)

Here is a link from the BBC listing the results of an Ordnance Survey poll of the best places to hike in the UK, worth a look for the photo's alone.

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Lovely! We will be tromping about in Wales later this spring!

This quote struck me.

these locations deserved their popularity, but called for better public transport to help people access a wider range of walking routes.

This is something they get right in the Dolomites and throughout Switzerland. We never need a car in those locations but in the U.K. it is hard to function in the countryside without one if you want to hike. In the U.S. it is impossible!

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I think with the prevalence of car ownership in the UK there isn't much of a call for public transport to places such as these. Most of the places close to me that I like to hike are populated with many dog walkers, I can't envisage many of them wanting to take public transport.

There was an article on the BBC recently regarding access to national parks in the UK and how those without a car are the most disadvantaged in terms of access. Unfortunately most of the routes will be in rural places which aren't very profitable for bus companies so I can't see it changing.

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The Lake District is great. Also, consider walking Hadrian's Wall.

There are some great places in South Wales and Cornwall as well. In N. Ireland, the Giant's Causeway is nice.

Loved Kinsale, Ireland. Scotland is loaded with great places.

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The northern Lake District is not to be missed. If you like not only peaks, but also ancient ruins, this is for you. We based our time there in Keswick.
One day, we took a boat across Lake Dewentwater to Cat Bells, a peak, then the trail continued round the lake and back to town.
Another day we walked to the museum in town and then up the hill about half a mile to Castlerigg Stone Circle. Amazing because it's just right there, with sheep milling around, and the views from the circle of the mountains is lovely. From there, continue your walk through some right-of-ways in fields, and then down through a magical forested area back into town. Loved the Dog and Gun Pub.
A day trip by bus to Wordsworth's house and that area was delightful.
This was one part of a three weeks trip in England.

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For those who are on Facebook and want to walk or hike North Wales, there are lots of good ideas at the Footpaths of Snowdonia/ Llwybrau Eryri Facebook group. (The joining questions seemed to largely be about screening out bot accounts)

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Edale made the front page of the Times this week with that story.
The BBC were here filming on Tuesday and ITV on Wednesday.
Its a great bit of publicity for the ordance survey !