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Best On/Off Tour ?

We'll be spending a few days in London next month. We don't have much interest in organized tours, preferring to do it on our own. Can anyone suggest a great On/Off Tour ??

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Don't overlook using the "tube" (metro). We did most of our travel around town by taking the longest possible tube ride from where we were to where we wanted to see something else to rest our legs.

Don't use the tube during rush hour.

There are, or at least there were when we did it, relatively inexpensive all day tube tickets for unlimited trips.

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Using the bus is far more interesting than using the tube, as you see more.

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Not sure exactly your question. If you are looking for hop on/off bus tours, there are a number of options from Big Bus to Original tours. I am not a big fan of those tours, especially in London traffic.

The other option is to pick some sites you are interested in seeing and then using the underground along with the RS audio guides to help you navigate on self-guided walks and museum tours. Let us know what you are interested in doing and can help on better recommendations.


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I’m also not a fan off hop on/hop off bus tours, and especially in London. Traffic is horrible and you spend more time looking at bank buildings and government buildings than you do at things you’d like to see.

London walks is good for short two hour walks, it really isn’t an organized tour since there’s not much interaction with the group except for the pub tours.

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LondonWalks is great because for almost all the tours you don't need to pre-book. You wake up in the morning, check the weather, decide it's a nice day for a walk, look at their schedule and show up at the designated Underground station at the indicated time for the walk you have chosen. The cost is £10 (£8 for seniors). It's a fabulous deal.