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Best little town with easiest train access to St John's Wood

Hi ! We're spending the month of May driving through Scotland, England and Wales. Our interests seem to lie everywhere BUT London. While I'm sure that we'll add some places of interest to our itinerary, our only interest in London right now is Abbey Road/St John's Wood.

We're trying to find a little burg on the outskirts that has superb train access to the St John's Wood area. Preferably someplace with car parking included. We're looking at Gerrards Cross right now.

Any ideas ? Thanks in advance !! :)

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Although St John's Wood has great connections to the London underground, it seems that train access to outer suburbs is not as straightforward. You may have already seen the Gerrards Cross "Popular Culture" list on Wikipedia -- the town may be low on ye olde historic charm, but it's got lots of interesting associations.

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epltd, Gerrards Cross may be the place, then. It's alright if it's a little light on history, etc as it's purpose will be purely utilitarian. We just need it to be easy access into the St Johns Wood area.

I find this a slightly strange question because St John’s Wood is so very close to the centre of London. It doesn’t have its own train station, but it’s on the tube and well-served by tube & buses from central London.

You could pick one of the outlying tube places, like Amersham or Chesham, then take the Metropolitan line into London, change to Jubilee Line for St John’s Wood, but it’s a slow busy journey.

Otherwise any “burg” outside of London will have you travelling into central London first (and bear in mind it’ll almost certainly be a busy commuter route) - Gerrards Cross for example would involve a train into Marylebone (central London) then a long walk/short bus ride back out to St John’s Wood. So I would generally suggest just staying in London itself ... you could look at Marylebone area or Little Venice or St John’s Wood itself, which have a slightly villagey feel.

Otherwise have a look at train services that go into Paddington or Marylebone, the two mainline London stations nearest to St John’s Wood. But bear in mind that would mean travelling into central London first then up to St John’s Wood by bus, tube or foot.

But London is so big and St John’s Wood so close to the centre that you’d be looking at a long journey full of commuters whereas to get to St John’s Wood from central London - say Baker Street area - is a matter of minutes.

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Gerrards Cross is a busy, very expensive commuter town for London, mostly built after the war from my recollection.

The access to St John’s Wood is the same as for any place within a 25 mile radius of London - train, tube, bus to get there.

Oh yes, and an additional point worth making about parking: in any commuter town such as Gerrards Cross, the train station car park will probably be full by about 8am on a weekday, as thousands of others will be heading into London.

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Seconding St. Albans. Only sent one day there to see the Cathedral, but loved the place.

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Stay at Swiss Cottage then you can nearly walk.

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superb train access to the St John's Wood

Doesn't exist