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Best Fish and Chips in London?

From those who have gone before me, what is your favorite place to have fish and chips? Afternoon tea? Something to satisfy a sweet tooth?

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I swear this question was asked within the last few months. Unfortunately with the new look of the Helpline not sure how you'd locate those posts. With that in mind I'll repeat some of what I previously suggested, Google searches of London Food Blogs and Timeout Magazine. You'll discover excellent recommendations there. For me, researching food blogs is a practical and informative way of finding good food!

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You're asking for pinpoints in a six hundred square mile area. Are you really prepared to go that far?

The best place for anything is always the closest at the moment you want it.

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Amen, Ed !! I'm not a foodie, so close beats 4-star recommended every time.

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For a foodie experience, go to Borough Market. You'll have a great time wandering around and marvelling at all the tasty offerings. A lot of stalls will offer little samples and you can take away your lunch and eat in the churchyard at Southwark Cathedral. Make sure to bring a camera - the sights are unique and gorgeous. The stalls range from raw fish and game to cooked pies and hot sandwiches and sausages, and there's also a very respectable amount of bakery stalls selling cakes and buns.
Another option is to go to the food halls in Harrods and Selfridges. There's a wide variety of tempting goods on display and both shops have counters where you can have lunch.
As Emma says, the ultimate afternoon tea experience is the Ritz. It is the standard by which all others are judged!

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For fish and chops check out this article about favorite chippies of london walks guides (and actual Londoners).

We ate at the golden hind and I have to say, it was among the best fish and chips we have eaten. The place was full within 10 minute of opening for dinner. There were about 8 people waiting for them to open when we got there about 10 minutes early. By the time we finished eating there was a line to get in. They must be pretty good if that many people go.

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Kathy -
My favorite Fish and Chips in London is at the Borough Market in the Southbank neighborhood. It's called fishkitchen. ( ) For tea, both Fortnum and Mason and Harrods are excellent.

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