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Best DOW to visit York

Which day of the week is best to travel (fewest visitors) around the middle of May? I can select Sat, Sun, Mon, or Tues. We will take the train from London for one day.


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There is lots to see in York that you won’t have the time to cover in a day trip from London. What are your interests? For me, the National Railway Museum would be a must - this is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Shops and York Minster are open shorter hours on a Sunday. Engineering work on the train lines is undertaken at weekends. Trains on Monday mornings are often busy. York is generally busier at the weekend, but it’s never quiet.

You will actually be sat on the train for 2 hours in each direction plus you will have at least an hour each way for travel to and from the stations. Six hours of travel will make it a long day. Train tickets are usually cheaper off peak.

Therefore there are pros and cons of each day - decide what you want to see and plan around opening hours.

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I would not do York as a day trip. As Jennifer mentioned, travel time will eat up much of your day and York (plus the surrounding area) deserves more time. Yorkshire is wonderful and very different from London. If you can, I would suggest going up for 2-3 days. I don't think you'll regret it.

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From the point of view of cost I would have thought that Tuesday would have been best but seeing cheap tickets on the Saturday too
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