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Best APPS for Android Phone

Will be in London and Stratford. Is there an APP that I can download for just walking purposes?

Not interested in one that has tons of advertising etc and willing to pay to have a really good
app that could pick up my location and I could real time navigate myself to destination.

Thank you (a Grandmother here taking my teen grand daughter!!)

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Stratford? Which one? Stratford in East London where the 2012 Olympics happened or Stratford upon Avon which has an American Fountain?

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If what you're looking for is an app that provides maps and will track your movement with a dot, check out Ulmon's CityMaps2GoPro. I believe that app currently costs about $6 from the GooglePlay Store. Once you have it, you can download maps for your destinations. It does not, however, provide turn-by-turn directions. If you're looking for that level of support, check out offline use of Google Maps.

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CityMaps2Go without the "pro" is actually free and works well. The ads are not really that annoying. I'm using it this Summer for Prague and Amsterdam

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My experience in a half dozen countries lately is highly dependent on your phone and service plan.

Best is obviously to have at least minimal data and cell coverage. That way Google maps works and even "offline maps" allow you to search.

Offline apps do allow you to search an address and whatever name places are downloaded, but they all have their quirks.

Even Google maps is great, when you have wi fi or data. search, then that search is in memory. It also works by pinning off cell towers, so you can see your location and navigate to preloaded places.