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Best app/website for directions in London from one site to another via tube/bus/walking

Hello, need suggestions for best app/website that can help me find directions to get to one site to another in London from the Tube/buses and walking. Plan to use mostly Tube with the Oyster card.

I have been using google/ google maps but just the other day I found a major error from google regarding directions to get to one place to another so I am hesitant to depend on google. I'm mapping out directions now. Hope there are better and more websites/apps.

Thank you!

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I use citymapper when on the go especially the app since it will send you notifications on delays. I also use the Transport for London website which operates the tube.

It will also give you bus and walking options for the same route.

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Prior to cell phones and apps thousands of humans negotiated the streets of London to see the sites.

You can still travel old school style. Merely follow signage that you'll see at the underground stations informing which exit for which site. Helpful signage along side walks as well.

I believe there are still small printed area maps at tube stations that show what is where in the neighborhood. Look by the manned underground ticket windows to secure them.

Lastly if you use google maps satellite view the night before you can easily decipher what is where and the route to get there. I use it everywhere in the world and it's worked out just fine.. I use the street view option to give me visual clues so when I start off I know I'm looking for a certain building, thus going the correct way.

Or when in doubt look up from your phone, engage in a conversation and ask for directions.

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Citymapper works great. Its good to have a paper map of the underground system with you as well.

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With the current terrible traffic congestion in London, we found the Tube the best option and went all over the city, all hours of the day and night.

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Let me add one reason to use Citymapper. If there is a delay or problem on a tube line, Citymapper will send you a notification. Just preset which lines you will take and that's all you have to do.

As an example,I got a notification a couple of hours ago that there is a minor delay on the Piccadilly line between Acton Town and Heathrow because a passenger became ill. That's good to know because if I was going to Heathrow I'd want to either leave earlier or find a different way of getting there.

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I just use Google maps at home, take a screen shot, and place markers by the places I want to go with the closest tube stop highlighted. I use zoomed in screen shots where needed. Folds up in my pocket and i don't find myself wandering around town staring at my phone using up data. Many sights are within walking distance. On my last visit there, I was surprised how close some places were to each other; meaning, it would have taken longer to take the tube than it took to walk the distance. London is very easy to walk around.

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Let me add one reason to use Citymapper. If there is a delay or
problem on a tube line, Citymapper will send you a notification. Just
preset which lines you will take and that's all you have to do.

Frank II, did you have a cellular data plan set up, carried a Myfi, or relied solely on public wifi? I use CityMapper2 and love it but never realized there were alerts that you can create. I'm traveling to London in under 2 months and wonder how helpful the notification system is if I am only on public wifi.

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Also check the TFL website that someone linked above, especially on weekends, for advice on closures (they're always doing work somewhere).

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London transport is run by TFL, so go straight to the horse's mouth and use their site. You can get updates sent from them too.

I live near London and have never used Citymapper - TFL has always been accurate.

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Continental, I have a data plan on my phone so I get updates via both data and wifi (when connected to wifi.)

I have no idea how well it would work on just public wifi.

Most of the people I know who live here use Citymapper. I also use TFL before leaving home when planning a journey. As stated, it really helps on weekends with planned closures.

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"**current* terrible traffic congestion" - surely *traditional** terrible traffic congestion

One day there will be a power outage or server failure and thousands will find their phones don't work or won't connect to their online guide. What will become of mankind? Those of us who can read signposts and paper maps (and possibly see where the sun is and what time it is) and make decisions will take over the world!

And don't forget, the third party apps giving advice on London underground delays will be skimming it from TfL feeds -and what happens on the day when TfL changes it's software?

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TfL - Transport for London, is likely the best, its official, and (at least when I've used it) accurate. Citymapper and others pull from the TfL feed, I believe. TfL will also pull in bus maps/routes for connections.

Apart from that, an old fashioned paper map. Never worried about dead batteries, loss of wifi or mobile signal. Wont break if dropped, thieves think they are useless, and if something DOES happen to them, they are easily and inexpensively replaced.

If you are looking for something that has almost ridiculously detalied informtation about Tube stations (maps of stations, faciltities offered, station special notices, station history, transport connections, etc) you can try StationMaster, by Geoff Marshall. Mr. Marshall is a two-time World Record holder for the shortest time visiting all 270 Tube stations in a single day, and a bit of a Tube enthusiast. For bus routing and detail, StationMaster pulls its connecntions data from...TfL.

One final suggestion, if I may - please make sure you try London's buses. They are cheaper, and depending on the hour of the day, quicker than the Tube (commute times can make stations and trains absolutely rammed). You also get to see the wonderful city that is London.

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I use Google Maps App. It's amazing. You tell it if you want to walk, take bus, or tube and it tells you everything you need to know.

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Thanks Frank II. I'm interested to see how accessible real-time alerts are for the wifi only visitors. I'll see for myself. CityMapper2 has a new update that includes real-time bus info.