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Best app for London transportation

Leaving this week for London and want to load apps. One week in London with day trips out then a week in Scotland. I have an iPhone SE.

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Will you have cell reception? I just used google maps when I was there and chose the public transport option for directions. It then gives you walking directions to the tube station or bus stop you need and tells you which line to take and where to transfer, etc. It worked great for me, although I am sure there are apps dedicated to London transportation.

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I used the app, Tube Map - London Underground Routes by Mapway Limited. I think it was free. We found it very useful. Can be used both on and offline.

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I haven't used it myself yet, but I saw on this site somewhere that an app called Tube Tamer is great. You input where you are and where you want to go and it gives you step by step tube and/or bus directions.
I've also seen that City Mapper app is supposed to be great.
Have a great trip!

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Bookmark the Transport for London site and use its "Journey Planner" for all London transport modes that fall under it. Believe all the apps get their data from TfL.

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City Mapper - worked great for our recent trip, showing all alternatives from walking to trains, between points A and B.

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I was in london in march and used
London Bus and

My wife just didn't like to closed in tube trains, on our previous visits, hence the buses.

London bus was the most used, able to have three bus routes loaded at a time,
I kept the most used in "notes" on my Iphone.
Bus mapper has a "get me somewhere feature", "nearby bus stops live" etc.

One of the best is not an app but the two last pages of the London visitors guide
available at every tube station. Tear off the page you have central london bus on one
page, turn it over and the tube is on the other.

Checking in the evening before, saves a lot of time the next day.

And get your oyster card


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I used CityMapper with data for real time updates.

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Google Maps is getting better, with the Directions function offering alternative routes from place to place, including duration of the trip.

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We used City Mapper and loved it. It was very convenient and gave us several options for each trip. It even tells you which parts of the train should be least crowded depending on the time of day.

Search before you descend into the tunnels though (due to phone reception issues). Your route will remain up once you choose it up top.