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Beaches in SE England with deep-ish sea

Hi there. I’m looking for a beach up to around 2 hour drive from London, where the sea would be a bit deeper then most other places in the area. Looking for depths around 20-30 feet as close to the shore as possible, but around 100 meters into the sea would do as well. Underwater reefs/rocks welcome. Anything like that in south-east England?

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Laura, thanks for that, I suppose I should have just written “snorkelling” 😁 I’ve looked around and I know the best spots are in Cornwall, Wales, and north of England. I’ve been to some as well, the witches cauldron was amazing, that’s where I got the whole idea of snorkelling from, when I went first time the water was crystal clear But freezing cold, and all I had were my shimming trunks, bought a wetsuit and a snorkel straight after. Returned the next year but it was stormy and the water was the colour of white americano. Was wondering if there’s anything like that around London which would make it a viable day trip without having to get up to early. We usually go to the seaside on the rest days during our mountain biking trips, with Wales sad Scotland out of the picture now, in was looking closer to home.