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Bath to Paddington Station Train Cost

I will be taking a day trip from Bath to London (Paddington Station) on June 13th. I went on the GWR website to see ticket cost leaving bath between 6-8 in the morning. My return will be sometime after 9pm. However, I am getting price at 494 BP ($629 USD). I was not expecting these prices to be so high. Am I doing something wrong or I am just selecting a peak morning time? Thank you

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I just did a search for your date and times on national rail. Travelling standard class and leaving Bath on the 0643 and leaving London on the 2102 the price is £149.50. That's buying two Advance Single tickets. Additional flexibility is available for a bit extra cost.

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In the morning you are travelling in the peak period, and at short notice, but that price is about £250 higher than the most expensive fare.

I assume the fare you have quoted is for 2 people- Anytime Day Single at £247.20 each.

If you travel on the 0602 to London there is a £38.50 Advance (train specific) Fare. On the 0643 train the Advance is £112.50, and on the next two is £122.50.

Then come back from London up to 3.00pm or after 7pm. To be flexible on what train you catch back (within those super off peak time parameters) buy a Super Off Peak Single costing £41.90.

So if you take the 0602 from Bath that is £38.50 + £41.90 each= £80.40.

But to bring the fare down you do need to be willing to lose a degree of flexibility