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Bath to Cotswolds Pickle!

We weren't able to get tickets for the Cotswolds Only Tour from MadMax (but emailed and we are first on their waitlist...) any other suggestions/companies to check out? Thoughts about renting a car for one day? How tricky is it to drive there and back to Bath?

Thank you!!

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I’ve actually been doing a lot of research for Cotswold day trips to/from Bath myself. In lieu of the MadMax tour (which had some repeats that we would be seeing later in our trip), I think I’ve decided on booking a private car with Celtic Horizons for £340 total, 8-9 hours, and you can customize wherever you want to go. They can offer recommendations.

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If you can get to Moreton-in-Marsh by 9:30 (easy from Oxford, but Bath is in a different direction) or Stratford-upon-Avon by 8:50, GoCotswold tours are an option. I was very happy with mine back in 2017 (I think). Price should be quite similar to MadMax.

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There is no need to hire a car or tour bus. It is at least something to consider that driving in the Cotswolds is not required. If you are interested in walking, the Cotswold Way starts at Bath Abbey and winds its way through town and countryside to Chipping Campden in the north side of the Cotswolds.
Lovely views of the surrounding area whilst walking along the high ridges, with the requisite towns and historical sights along the way.
My suggestion from experience, however, would be to get the bus from Bath bus station to Weston (Bath) before you begin your journey. It's possible to make only a day of it as well. Walk from Weston to Lansdowne battlefield and back. It's a return trip of about 4 hours.

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We used Cotswolds Tour Gems ( and were very happy with the tour. We met her at the train station in Moreton-in-Marsh but I believe she has other departure sites as well. She’s a local woman who provides tours for up to 8 people at a time.

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Here's one of your previous questions and its thread where many people answered.
I think this is a better plan for seeing the Cotswolds.
What happened to this itinerary you were planning?

If you are planning to be in Oxford, then Moreton-In-Marsh is an easy train ride from there to catch the GoCotswolds tour.
You mentioned Stratford-Upon-Avon (with a question mark) in the thread, and that is also one of the places from which you can catch the GoCotswolds tour (it's their home base).

acraven is right.....GoCotswolds gives a great tour.

I encourage you to share with us here your revised itinerary. If that is still in limbo, I encourage you to include Oxford and Stratford-Upon-Avon. All is not lost if you cannot get to the Cotswolds while in Bath via the Mad Max tour.

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Thank you guys!

Rebecca--here's our revised itinerary (what we wanted to do before not getting the MadMax Tour):

Bath: 3 days--Cotswolds Tour in the middle from Bath
Train from Bath to London: 5 days with a day trip to Chatsworth in the middle.
Fly out of London

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Sounds great!
You will love Chatsworth.
Here's hoping Mad Max tours has a cancellation and you move from the waitlist into a tour slot!
Fingers crossed!

Back to one of your original questions..."Thoughts about renting a car for one day? How tricky is it to drive there and back to Bath?"
I would not do it.
In the off-chance that you end up not going with Mad Max, you have lots of time in London to take a tour to the Cotswolds with a number of companies. Rabbie's does a very good one.

Rave reviews on this forum and on Trip Advisor about the quality of Rabbie's tours.
I have always been pleased with their tours that I've taken.

Have a great trip!

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From London to Chatsworth are you intending to go with East Midlands trains to Chesterfield for the 170 bus or to Sheffield for the 218 bus?.

You get £5 off your admission price when you arrive by public transport.

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Hi isn31c!

Either one--Which do you think is easier? I think we have to go out of St. Pancras!


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st pancras will be East Midlands Trains