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Bath or Oxford

Hi all,
We are visting early July with 2 tennagers. We have 6 nights in London and planning to a 1-2 days for a visit outside London. We have been stuck between Oxford or Bath/Stonegehenge for an overnight stay. We understand both offer different things. What is better with family and offers some scenic sights ? Thank you

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I would use Bath as the overnight destination to see the Roman Baths, etc.,and hit Salisbury Cathedral/Old Sarum/ Stonehenge on the way. Buy timed tickets ahead. They used to have a bus from the train station that would take you to Stonehenge. You could stop in Oxford on the way back and visit the campus and Ashmolean Museum. Bon Voyage!

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What do the teenagers prefer - Give them the choice and let them do the research and decide!

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I don't think you would have time to do justice to both Oxford and Bath/Stonehenge with so little time available. Does 1 day mean a day trip, returning to London the same day? Or do you mean one or two additional nights outside London? One additional night doesn't really give you a full day anywhere once you've taken into account travelling time. Personally I think Bath plus Salisbury and Stonehenge would be doable with 2 nights out of London and would enable you to explore both without feeling rushed. Salisbury cathedral tower tour is fantastic and I think teenagers would find it interesting and fun to do.

Oh and having just seen Wasley's post, I agree!

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Thanks so much. I meant staying overight with 2 days either in Bath/Stonehenge or Oxford

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Are they Harry Potter fans? If so, I think Oxford would be more interesting

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Bath/Stonehenge will offer more variety than Oxford, in my opinion. But, as someone noted above, get the teens involved in the research and planning. The more they are involved the less the chance of having an unhappy camper in the group.