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Bath Hotel

Need recommendations for Bath, UK hotels walking distance to popular sites and restaurants.

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We stayed at a Premier Inn. I believe there is more than one in or near the city center.

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This is the official City of Bath list, so it should be fairly comprehensive. There is a wide choice, but you need to think about how much you want to pay and the type of accommodation that suits you. There are many within easy walking distance of the main sights.

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We stayed right near city center about 2 years ago. Our only issue was parking or the lack of! We found a car park around the corner but then proceeded to be a little stupid and can't blame jet lag,we had been in England for a few days. No one was around. The ticket machine seemed not to be working until it finally spit out what we thought was a parking pass. We even displayed it in the window! We came back just to return something to the car and there was a police officer taping a ticket to the car! He was very kind to the clueless Americans as he showed us the "pass" said,THIS IS NOT A PARKING PASS"
He also explained the parking ticket would cost as much as it would cost us to stay overnite. Lesson learned. READ what gets spit out of machines!

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We stayed at The Ayrlington about 4 years ago:

It was about a 7 minute walk into the city center. It's very close as the bird flies, but there are sports fields between the B & B and city center which you have to walk around. There is parking in front for guests. We were there for 3 nights and walked everywhere. The staff was very friendly, and the breakfast was excellent. Some guests would stop by the front sitting area at the end of the day and chat, so we spoke with people from all over.

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We stayed at the Henry Guest House which had a pay parking lot a couple blocks away. Great location within an easy walking distance to the main square area.

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Brooks Guesthouse, is close to city center and the fantastic fish and chips restaurant, The Scallop Shell.

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While we didn’t stay there, the Abbey Hotel looked nice from what we were able to see when we walked through it. It is a block off the river, near all the sights, and within walking distance to the train station. It has mostly very good or excellent reviews on TripAdvisor.

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I stayed at the Royal Hotel directly across from the train and bus station. Despite it's location across from transportation, it was very quiet. It was easy to walk to the town center and all the sights I wanted to see. I did not have a care so can't speak to parking. Bath is small enough that it is easy walking to everything.

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I've stayed in a few hotels in Bath.

Brooks Guest House is where some of Rick Steves tour groups stay. It's fine but the furthest away from the others I'll mention.

Abbey Hotel is nice but expensive. Mad Max tours as well as other tour companies pick up outside this hotel's door. Their small doubles are tiny with one long side of the bed against the wall.

Premier Inn City Centre was my favorite of the three. A few minutes walk to everything, clean, quiet, comfortable and good value.

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For centrality, you can't beat Abigail's Parlor on Abbey Green. There is absolutely no parking, but is steps away from the Roman Baths, Abbey, Crystal Palace pub, Marks & Spenser.

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The Kennard was clean and convenient. Also check out The Boater pub.

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Thanks to all that provided many excellent suggestions. Many trade-offs to consider. We decided to stay at the Royal Hotel since it has great reviews, is directly across the street from the GW Rail station, is 3 blocks from both the bus station, a short walk to a laundry, and has in-house food service (contingency). We will be arrive via the AIR Decker bus service from the Bristol airport and will be leaving for London Paddington Station on the GWR; hence the location of the Royal should work for us.

Of course this assumes the UK will be open for no-mask travel by September :)