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Bath - 1 Day Itinerary

Hello - I have laid out this basic itinerary and wondered if I can get feedback on if this is doable.
FYI - staying at the Abbey Hotel right down from Sally Lunns. I will have 2 evenings prior to this after 5:30pm free - if there is anything to recommend doing at night (eat as Sally Lunn's or just get a bunn? will shopping be open? decent food/pub near the baths area? Bizarre Bath?).

9am - Bath Abbey (outside and quick look inside)
9:30am - Roman Baths (this is their open time)
10:30am - Meet the Mayor's walking tour outside the Baths
12:30pm - Arrive back at the Baths with the tour
12:30pm - Reservation for tea at The Pump Room
2pm - The Jane Austen Centre
Fill with the walk back and a little shopping to pickup luggage by 4pm - need to pick up a sandwich or something to eat for the bus
4:30pm - Bus to London (think this leaves from close to my hotel)

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I liked climbing the tower at the abbey. Very interesting tour of the bells. I don’t know whether you can fit in after Jane Austen center or not but worthwhile.
We did the Bizarre Bath tour and thought it was great fun.
The other thing is the Roman Baths were open in the evening when we were there in June. It was less crowded then so see if that would be a possibility. It would also free up some time during the day.
We very much enjoyed the mayors tour.

There is a Cornish pastry shop in the square where the abbey and Roman baths are that you can pick up good food at.

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One hour seems like a bit of a rush for the Roman Baths and you seem to be doubling back on yourself a few times. I would probably 2 hours at the Baths with quick coffee break in Pump Rooms, self guided walk through the city up to No1 Royal Crescent, back down to Jane Austin Centre anfpd gave afternoon tea there.

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If you stay overnight, love the Brooks Guesthouse. Also, the wonderful Fish and Chips at "The Scallop Shell."

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I would skip the Jane Austen Centre. I had read it was not worth the money, didn't believe it, went anyway and was not worth the money, lol. They have nothing original of hers there, she did not live there and there was just not enough to see to pay for. During the Jane Austen Festival a couple of years ago I did take a specialty walking tour sponsored by the JA Centre and it was excellent.

As a substitute I'd suggest #1 Royal Crescent which is a really interesting museum in a restored Georgian home. The docents are really knowledgeable if you are interested in the era. They are great at answering questions and usually will give a little talk about various things in the rooms.

This museum may be a push for your time frame, though as it's up on the near end of the Royal Crescent and it will take an hour or so to go thru. Something might pique your interest during the walk that you'd like to return to see. I also enjoy sitting in the Parade Gardens (1.50 GBP to enter) if it's a nice day or walk along the Avon River to the Kennet and Avon Canal. The Fashion Museum is interesting and you can buy a combo ticket with the Roman Baths but it will also push your time frame. The Victoria Art Gallery is right at the end of Pulteney Street but really, I didn't think their permanent collection was much so I'd probably not spend time on it in a very short visit.

editing to add: I agree that 1 hour is not enough time for the Roman Baths. They have a fantastic audio guide that is packed with information and you go thru several levels down to the actual bath level at the bottom level.

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My mom and I were in Bath a few weeks ago and it seemed like the stores closed early. We walked around in the evening and most of the shops along the main shopping streets were closed around 6:00 PM. We did find a few small grocery stores open later.
We also took the Mayor’s walking tour and really enjoyed it! We had tea at Sally Lunn’s when we were in Bath last summer – it was a real treat! Bath is a favorite for us. Last summer, we visited on a day trip from London and this past August decided to spend our entire week there. It was a great jumping off point for day trips and a really charming place to base ourselves. Enjoy!!😊

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My favorite place to visit is the Fashion Museum housed in the Assembly Rooms, Bennett St. Bath. It is rated as one the top Fashion Museums in the World. I feel that it worth the trip to Bath on it's own. It is a real Time Traveler experience! I especially loved the shoes! Have fun!

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I was going to say the same as some above. Skip Jane Austen Centre. Add Fashion Museum, which really was the highlight for me and my mom.
The Roman Baths take surprisingly longer than you think it would. We were there a minimum 2 hours. Since you have a tour at 10:30, I would focus on seeing the bath and the surrounding spa rooms where you can see the underground heating. You won’t have time to go through the museum portion except for a quick walk through.

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+1 on needing more than an hour to appreciate the Roman Baths. I met friends in Bath for a day out when I was in London and they were in Oxford. We did the Baths, lunch in the Pump Room, and a good wander around, ending up at No. 1 Royal Crescent, followed by wandering back toward the town center for a pub supper followed by our trains back to Oxford/London. I enjoyed every bit of it. I regret we didn't get there in time for the guided walk but on reflection, that wouldn't have allowed enough time to enjoy the Roman Baths and No. 1 Royal Cresecent. And yes, the docents at No. 1 Royal Crescent were outstanding. I've visited lots of museums, stately homes, and the like, and that place ranks among the best and most memorable of those. Obviously, YMMV.

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The Roman Baths take longer than an hour to see. That was our favorite part of Bath, and you definitely don't want to rush through it.

I also appreciated seeing #1 Royal Crescent & the Circus.

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Thanks all - looks like I may have bit off too much. Thinking I may skip the walking tour and do a self guided. Maybe I can do that on my arrival evening and have more time on my full day of exploring

I'll think on the JA Centre as I'm a huge fan - if I had time I would be going to the house museum in Winchester but alas! I don't want to miss the Pump Room.

Thank you all - I looked up the Cornish Bakery and that is perfect! I can get a pasty and maybe some other treats for the road.

Scallop shell looks good as well

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I'll add my +1 to the needing longer at the Roman Baths. I spent at least 2 hours there - probably more.

I also enjoyed a look in at Bath Abbey. Which quite honestly is now one of my favorite churches.

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The walking tour is outstanding, so many little details you'd miss on your own such as the window tax and the apartment where Mary Shelley lived when she wrote Frankenstein. I think we spent about 3 hours at the Baths. I guess it comes down to your priorities.