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B & Bs in Richmond

Anyone have a suggestion for a nice B & B or hotel in Richmond taking into account travel to central London where we will be spending most of our time?

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You may want to read some of Claudia's trip reports. Here is her latest post. I believe she has stayed in Richmond in recent times.

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Yes, Claudia’s on-going, in real time, trip report is great. All her trip reports have been great. She just stayed at the Premier Inn in Richmond.

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Claudia posted this in her most recent update to her ongoing trip report:
"I left early, 8:30am, for the 11am tour. As much as I am appreciative of free room and board Richmond is 25 minutes on the tube into London. Add that I chose to walk from my friends house (add another 25 minutes to get to the station) AND you need to change at Hammersmith to get to Holborn.
Arrived an hour early..."

You wrote, "...taking into account travel to central London where we will be spending most of our time?"

Richmond is lovely, but not the most central location if you will be spending all your time sightseeing in central London.
Notice that it was not quick for Claudia to get into central London.

Do you mind spending time traveling in and out of London each day in order to stay in Richmond?
Or had you rather wake up, have breakfast at your hotel and be out the door several blocks away from (walking distance to) the sights of London?

Keep in mind that rush hour on the trains (people commuting in to work) may coincide with you trying to get into London in the morning, and rush hour again back out at the end of the day.

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Rebecca makes very good points about the location. Why are you wanting to stay in Richmond? Is it worth spending a couple of hours a day commuting back and forth? Claudia stays in Richmond because she stays with a friend. I’m curious to see Richmond myself, but we will go there one day from our central London location.

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Claudia here.

Richmond IS a lovely neighborhood BUT not a convenient neighborhood for London central. Its a 25-30 minute tube ride and then depending on your BnB location could be another 1/2 hour walk or bus ride. Its a lovely place but not for first time visitors. Stay in the city. Belgravia, Chelsea, Camden, Marylebone, Paddington, Fulham, Hammersmith, Vauxhall. Those neighborhoods are closer to the
“normal“ tourist sites.

If you been to London before then consider Richmond but if a first timer please stay closer to the city center.

I’ve stayed here because my friend has a rental. The reason I was at the Richmond Premier Inn when I first arrived is that my friends family were visiting.

Premier Inns are comfortable and relatively inexpensive for one of the most expense cities in the world.

For those who enjoy having a pint, the present cost is £5.50.

FYI Using cash is pretty much a thing of the past. Have a 10£ note than no one has been willing to take. Not mom and pop markets, cafes, pubs or even street vendors. Be forewarned…..Bring your tap debit and credit cards!!!

Weather has been exceptional. Can’t believe I’m getting a tan in London….

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Thanks, Claudia. I’ve been to London a couple of times and have seen the most popular tourist spots, i.e. Tower, Westminster, etc. This time we anticipate a couple of visits to The Globe, maybe British Museum and Tottenham for the Packers/Giants game. Any recommendations?