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B & B or hotel in London

Hi All!!

I have been on this website many time and I've only just found this forum!!

My husband and I are in the beginning stages of planning our first trip to London and the prices of some of the hotels pretty much knocked us flat. Being the resilient types, we got ourselves back up, dusted ourselves off and thought, hmmm...maybe we should check out some B & B's.

So we would love to hear some reviews and opinions from the RS community. We would prefer to stay in the Victoria/Westminster area.

Thanks, Wanda

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The Ridgemont on Gower Street is where we stayed a few years ago. It is run by very nice people and the included breakfast will last you until tea time. It is within walking distance of the British Museum, buses and underground.

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I don't think the dates mattered since its so far out but if it helps we're looking at September/October 2015.

I've been looking at some of the hotels listed and I'm liking what I see. Thanks to everyone for replying.

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The dates certainly do matter . If , for example , you were planning this trip for September and October of 2014 , that would inform which hotels might be available in the next few months . As an example , Emma has mentioned the Premier chain . I would say the same . If you were about to travel this fall , several of the new hotels that she refers to are offering ridiculously low prices right now . A brand new place ( Premier Wandsworth , right at Clapham Common and ten to fifteen minutes to Westminster on the tube ) is offering rooms as low as 61 UKL per night . Evidently if your trip is year more in the future ,then making a suggestion now is somewhat an exercise in futility as all hotels change their pricing according to demand and season . A further example to make my point , last fall I stayed at a beautiful new hotel in Munich for a week , the rate : 160USD with a lavish breakfast . This was several days after the conclusion of Oktoberfest , during which the rate was 500 -600USD nightly .

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Just left London a few days ago, we stayed at Morgon House recommended by Rick Steve's. Located in Belgravia Victoria Station. It was Ok for the Price, 108 Pd a night with breakfast, clean but run down, extremely small room, very nice manager no owner in sight, we did a little looking around but other hotels were about 100 pds a night more

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...maybe we should check out some B & B's
Wanda, this is not what you've asked for, but hear me out. Last year we stayed in a B & B in Muswell Hill, North London. About 25 minutes Tube ride from Leicester Square, all on Piccadilly Line. On TripAdvisor it's rated #2 of 512 B & B's in London and it's called Rhodes Avenue Homestay. We, too, were shocked at the price/value ratio and a little burned out trying to pick a hotel, and we are so pleased that we stayed here instead. A lovely couple, Elli and Haya, run it, and they were so helpful and fun; never too much but just right. A great breakfast every morning-I mean great…and a small town/village environment that was a sight to see in itself, with great restaurants too.
All this for 90-100 GBP per night. You will not-WILL NOT-find a cleaner place to stay.
On our arrival, Elli took us for a tour of his town and a walk through the nearby Alexandra Palace. A B & B gives you a built in tour advisor, and Elli was super helpful; he also makes great espresso.
You have a bit of time getting to and fro to the heart of London, totally worth it. It's a bargain, trust me.

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Dave, what a lovely place. Thank you so much for posting. I think that you've hit on exactly what we want.

Right now we're just looking to see what's out there. London has such a bewildering number of choices!! Planning ahead is all about the budget and we like to keep n front of that. :)

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B&B or hotel? That's one million dollar question.
I don't follow a precise rule when booking an accommodation. Let's say that I go where my pocket takes me, as it were.
I checked the web looking for the best deals, no matter whether it is a hotel or a B&B. Of course, I always read previous guests' reviews to have an idea of what I'm booking.
On this regard I find online booking sites very useful and, in most cases, satisfactory.
I've been to London several times in my life and I never stayed in the same place: hotel and B&B, but also apartments.
To mention a hotel, I had a very nice memory of the President in Bloomsbury. I chose it because I am a big fan of the Beatles and I found out that they stayed there in the '60. I was lucky enough to find a good price on
Plus, the hotel enjoys a strategic location, close to everything, which was what I needed at that time.
Hope it helps, Wanda.