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Avebury and Strattford

We are going to be in UK for 2 weeks this Sept.on a driving tour of more rural countryside.

From Chipping Campden we will take a day and head to Bath and then to Avebury to see standing stones close up. Stonehenge would be great, but I think too touristy and cannot really get close. Ok to skip Stonhenge and see Avebury instead?

And then a few days later (after 3 nights in the Cotswolds) we'll head north to the Peaks area, stopping in Stratford Upon Avon for half day. Don't want to see a play at night and not sure the best way to see Strattford. Always the HOHO bus trip for a general overview (about $25 pp). Then there's the "5 House Entrance" package for $32 pp. Although from Rick's description of the houses it sounds like that's maybe not worth it.

I guess we'd enjoy just walking through town and looking around to see what's what. But, don't want to miss the best; but don't have huge time available as we are heading to the Peaks area. Any thought on Strattford Upon Avon?

Thank you.

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If you don't want to see a play in Stratford I wouldn't bother going there but would go to Warwick Castle instead.

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With a car, you can see Stonehenge and Avebury in one day. It doesn't take long to see Stonehenge and, let's admit it, it's one of the world's great sights. That's what I've done, seeing both on the same day since they're so different and close to each other. Why miss one when you can see both?
Stonehenge is sort of like Versailles, in one sense only: you're maybe tempted not to do it, but if you're in the area, have a car, and you don't do it, you would feel like you missed something big if you didn't. Especially since Stonehenge doesn't require standing in line for 2 hours (like Versailles).

Looks like you've got time to see both Stratford Upon Avon and Warwick Castle (good suggestion from Kathleen on Warwick Castle). If someone was forcing me, for some reason, to choose only one of those two, I would pick Warwick Castle.

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Ted, Warwick if you have to choose between it and Stratford. But as Kent said, both can be done in one day. TC