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August/September 2016

Bosses have ok'd three weeks off for next year after our own summer busy season, and I am sitting here lookng at taking that time August 20 to September 10, 2016

There'll two weeks in Ireland and England, with the first week in Dublin, Ironbridge Gorge and York, then the second week in London. So, two weeks sometime within August 20 and September 10. How's the tourist season going at that point? Any bank/national holidays to be mindful of? Kids back in school yet?

I have the museums and historic sites I want to visit well scoped out, but I do have special interest in iron working/making history, and early 17th century English/Virginia history, along with a bit of knitting (any fiber fairs?). But, on the other hand, what about the local non-tourist things to do and see?

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The last Monday in August will be a Bank Holiday, bu almost everything (apart from the banks) will be open. In England, the schools go back towards the end of the first week in September, so you'll only have a few days at the end of your break when they're in school. The tourist season is still pretty much in full swing at this point--there might be the odd campsite that closes once the school holidays finish but everything else will be open.
It's hard to think of any non-touristy things in Ironbridge or York as I've only ever been to them as a visitor. For London it's equally hard as there's so much. Try getting out of the centre to one of the less visited attractions in the suburbs. Richmond and Richmond Park are both worth a visit (lots of people but mostly locals), or try the Horniman Museum in Forest Hill. Get a copy of the Good Pub Guide and you'll find some excellent places to have a drink or eat.

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If you are interested in metal casting, a fabulous use of an hour or three is at a bell foundry, where church bells are made and tuned.

The two big ones left are John Taylor and Co in Loughborough (near Derby) (my favourite bell founder), and Whitechapel Bell Foundry in East London on, as the name hints, Whitechapel Road. Whitechapel were the company who cast the Liberty Bell a few years ago.

Both are open for visitors and you have a good chance to see a casting being made ready but less of a chance of actually seeing a pour.