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Arundel Castle and Fishbourne on the same day?

Driving from Gatwick to Arundel Castle on a Wednesday morning next September (grabbing the car the day AFTER we land). Arundel has staggered openings; 10am-Gardens, 11am-Keep, noon-Castle Rooms. Fishbourne opens at 10 and last entry is 3:30. Thinking of doing it 2nd because we plan on ending up in Salisbury.

Can Arundel Castle and Fishbourne both be done the same day with time to end up in Salisbury which will be our home base for a few days? Or is there enough to see that I should count on an overnight in Arundel?

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Most people recommend allowing 2 hours for the castle and extra for the gardens. The castle is huge and much more than the keep.The keep opens at 11am and the castle rooms at 12 o'clock. Have a look a the aerial photo here.

You also need to build in some time for lunch?

Although Fishbourne isn't that far, you need to allow time to get to the car, drive to Fishbourne, park up etc.

It is possible but personally I would find it a rush and you may be shortchanging both. Spend the time in Arundel. Don't forget it also has a cathedral as well as the castle.

There is information about a town walk here.

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How about spending most of the day at Arundel, then driving to Fishbourne and spending the night there? Next morning, see the sights of Fishbourne. Leave in the afternoon and end up in Salisbury.

I have wonderful memories of Arundel Castle on our family trip to Europe when I was a kid. My brother, age 10 at the time, especially loved it. I'm sure the visitor experience has changed a lot since then, but it was terrific as castles go.

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Thanks for that image of the size of Arundel, I had no idea of the size. Arundel-the town looks like a nice place to stay overnight so I think we'll do that then head to Fishbourne the next day.

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If you are heading to Salisbury, consider also visiting nearby Winchester. It's very interesting to compare the two cathedrals and Winchester is a pleasant place for a walk and lunch.

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Yes, Winchester is actually what started this whole trip idea. I'm a big fan of the Last Kingdom book and TV series and so I targeted Winchester as a must-see. But as my itinerary comes together, it makes more sense to stay in Salisbury. We may stay one night in Winchester; just because I found hotel a called the King Alfred Pub and Guest House.

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Another fan of Winchester here!
From Fishbourne Roman Palace, you could drive north on the
A286 to Midhurst, then turn west on the A272 toward Winchester.
Continue on westward until you reach Winchester, thus bypassing completely all the traffic in the Portsmouth and Southampton areas.

Excellent idea to stay one night in Winchester, then to move on to Salisbury for your base.