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Arnold Clark vs Celtic Legend? Excess refund from credit card?

I will be hiring a car for a week from York at the end of June.

1). Is there any reason to go with Arnold Clark directly rather than via Celtic Legend? the CL quote is £8 less so that is not a consideration — what else might be?

The “no excess, walk away” fee is an additional £15/day. I doubt I will crash the car ;-) but I am concerned about damage to wheels/tires when scraped against curbs on narrow village streets, and hedgerow scrapes on 1-lane Yorkshire roads.

2). Does anyone have experience with filing for reimbursement for the £1000 excess from a Chase Sapphire card?



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There is no reason not to choose either Arnold Clark or Celtic Legend as far as I know. As long as everything else is the same I'd just choose the cheapest option. Can't help on excess insurance, sorry.

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If I remember correctly, the no excess provided by Celtic Legend didn't include tires or undercarriage.

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I couldn't find the original documents from my rental in 2023, but here is the info from the Celtic Legend website which also states it is the Arnold Clarke insurance policy you will have.

Please note: Hirers will be responsible for the full cost of repairs
or replacement in the following situations, whether excess waiver has
been purchased or not.

  • Lost or damaged keys, or damage to the interior of the vehicle
  • Damage to the vehicle caused by hitting low-level objects such as bridges or low branches, or damage caused by failure to pay due care
    and attention to potential hazards on the road, such as deep water or debris
  • Costs following a road traffic accident where our vehicle has to be recovered from an off-road location and there is no third party
  • Customers will also be responsible for any costs incurred by putting the wrong type of fuel in the vehicle.

If I'm interpreting it correctly, your concerns about scrapes due to narrow roads, etc may not be covered by insurance even with the $0 deductible.

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We’ve rented directly from Arnold Clark, but not through Celtic Legend. Hey, £8 is £8, so if you’re getting an Arnold Clark car anyway, go with the cheaper option, if everything else is the same.

As for Chase reimbursement, we’ve got a Chase British Airways VISA, not a Sapphire, but the car rental chance coverage with any Chase VISA is through a third party company, “Card Benefit Services,” whose general phone number for information is 1‑800‑253‑5664. You would want to reconfirm this with your Sapphire card, but in our case (and I believe with all Chase credit cards), to get any claim reimbursement through the VISA coverage, you have to refuse any insurance the rental company offers, and go just with the coverage provided through the card you’re using. If you had £2000 in damage, you couldn’t file for a £1000 excess clam and let the rental company cover the remaining £1000, you’d file for the entire £2000 and work with the rental company to obtain documentation to support the amount of damage.

We had a claim this past fall from a Norway rental, about $800 overall in scratches in the paint, possibly from hedges in front of a stone wall. We got a full reimbursement through the Card Benefit Services, after providing documentation, some of it e-mailed to us from Hertz Norway after we’d come home. Had we taken coverage through Hertz with some deductible or excess allowance, I understand that the Chase VISA would not have provided any coverage. In fact, we’d have been out the entire $800, as it would’ve been less than any $1000 (let alone £1000) excess.

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It is the “some deductible or excess allowance” that I am trying to clarify with Chase and with Arnold Clark. All of the AC rentals include CDW with £1000 excess; there is no way to decline this. So the question is, if I had a mishap and AC charged me the excess of up to £1000, would Chase pay.

I have emailed AC asking about tire/wheel damage and branch scrapes on narrow Yorkshire roads.