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Arnold Clark System error to book rental

Hi, we're trying to rent a car both in York, and later in Southampton. (@ Sept. 5). We're getting this message: "Booking Payment System Error" when hubby and I input different credit cards into their booking system.

Does anyone else have this problem? Of course, we can ask our bank, but it seems odd, and I'd prefer not to call from the States. Thanks.

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Seems to be an issue with some european vendors and the local processing bank. I ran into this trying to buy SNCF train tickets - payment error. Tried different cc's and same result. Contacted my bank's customer service dept and they confirmed not on their side as no transactions ever made it into their system.
Finally successful using PayPal.

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I had a similar problem with Logan Air. I just called them and gave them my CC over the phone. It went through without any problems. International phone call cost me maybe $5. Totally worth it to just get it done.

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Send the local office you are trying to book from an email and ask what they are seeing. I found them very responsive when I had a different sort of question.