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Apt rental London w/easy-ish access

Usually, I stay at small family run hotels with a lot of stairs / WC down the hall- and absolutely love it. Unfortunately, this year I have a bit of a need issue. I can manage about a flight of stairs

If anyone has rented an apartment or VRBO that was either ground floor, one flight up, or had an elevator, I would glad to know more.

I would like to be in central London, near busses, and ~£80-130per day range. Would like fairly quiet. Studio is fine. Will be there between 7-14 days. I'm planning to do things in and out of London (several train trips)

Appreciate any ideas or guidance.

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Wish I had a specific place to recommend but I don't. However, I'm a big fan of Airbnb and have been very pleased with the 3 places I've stayed in while visiting London. Sadly, 2 of the places are no longer available and the 3rd has far too many stairs. What I like about Airbnb is that you can search by neighborhood, price and number of bed rooms. Description will also include what floor apartment, loft, room is located on and access. I'd also contact the Vancouver Studio Apartments to request a ground floor room. I know fellow posters will provide specific rentals to help you with your search. Good luck.