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Apartment Recommendation for Oxford?

Hi all. Posted yesterday with no responses about a specific agency in Oxford. I need a two bedroom. Willing to spend $300 per night but I'd really like to spend $200. I see a few on VRBO, coming in around $300 but there's really none with a ton of reviews. Does anyone have a place they've used? We can do stairs. Prefer to be very centrally located.

I'd also do two hotel rooms but the ones I've checked are going to set us back $300 for two small rooms. I see some cheaper ones but they don't seem very nice when I read reviews.

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if you are going to use this thread in place of the other you might include your dates of interest.

Do you mean $300 in US, Canadian or Australian dollars (probably $US based on your profile)? Or do you mean £ - pounds sterling but used the wrong symbol?

Although I have regular business and pleasure trips to Oxford it is only about an hour from home so I never stay there. Sorry I can't help more.

Regarding the rental agency you asked about, Right-On or something similar, the expression right-on is not heard much any more, certainly not around here. I'd never heard of it but that means nothing. The name struck me as peculiar though.

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Interesting location.

Have you looked at the approach on Streetview?

If you aren't familiar with British maps that is the rail approach to Oxford station with what remains of the rail yard adjacent to the west (left), the Oxford Canal and another waterway to the east and a waterway to the immediate south of the new estate housing this flat. The poles sticking up and some laying down or missing in the estate parking area are made vertical by securing them with a lock. They can also be locked in the lowered position. They are to prevent anybody from parking in your assigned space. They are called bollards.

As you "walk" down the lane to the road the building with the red garage doors opposite the blank wall is the regional fire station.

It isn't what I would call in the centre, but some might. My wife usually takes about 15-20 minutes to walk from the station to Debenhams in the centre.

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Thanks, Nigel. I've "walked" around there now! Not super encouraging. I think I'll keep looking. Perhaps someone else will chime in.

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Hi Valerie

I found the same challenge with VRBO in England. When we stayed in the Cotswolds I was able to book a lovely apartment through Tripadvisor. There just seemed to be more posted. I took a quick look there and there are quite a few for your dates, although a lot are more than 300 and I didn't check location. Also I believe Homeaway is the more commonly used UK site. You might find a few more on it.

Does the college itself have any rooms? Best of luck.

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20849 posts shows no availability for your dates, but you might try contacting Rewley House directly. Depending on how many people you're trying to accommodate, it might be in your price range. I stayed there in late August and was very satisfied. The rooms are scattered around multiple row houses north of the Ashmolean Museum. I believe they're used primarily for housing students who take short continuing-education classes at Oxford. No elevators, so you'd have to be OK with some stairs or get lucky with ground-floor rooms. And your group might not be in the same building even if space is available for all of you. But the accommodations are clean and not grotesquely cramped (though small). My room was quiet. The Wi-Fi worked, too. I don't think there is air conditioning, which could conceivably be a problem in June but was not an issue for me in August.