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Anyone done a Jack the Ripper tour in London?

I am looking at different tour companies and would like to know if anyone used these companies and how did the tour go?
there is rippervision, sandeman's new europe, london walks....etc...


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I look the LondonWalks tour a couple of years ago and would go again. The cost is reasonable (only 10 pounds) and the guide entertaining and knowledgeable. The only negative about this tour versus the other LondonWalks tours that I have taken before is that the pace was really fast. Most of the LondonWalks tours (and I have been on many, including the EXCELLENT Beatles tour) were at a more leisurely pace, this one was not, you see a lot of sites in a short period of time.

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We have never been able to fit a Ripper tour into any of our London visits, although I was always intrigued by the idea. However, a few days ago I read a review of "The Five: The Untold Lives of the Women Killed by Jack the Ripper" and now doubt if I would want to participate in one. If you decide to go on one of the tours, please check out the book review on Amazon and the one on the link below. Apparently the tours barely mention the victims, but perhaps their lives should matter as much as those of the manical murderer?

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We took a London Walks Ripper tour last year and would definitely go again and of course you have to really use your imagination to envision how the area looked then but again we would go with them.

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London Walks’ Jack the Ripper tour has as its primary guide Donald Rumbelow, recognized as the leading authority on the Ripper and author of an excellent book on this. If you can schedule one of the Walks he is leading it is a tremendous experience.

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Another vote for London Walks, though it was many years ago. Another London Walks tour I took was "Ghosts of The City" (i.e., The City -- London's financial district, and descriptions of ghosts people claim to have seen in different locations there). Like the JTR tour, you had to use your imagination, and it was a lot of fun. Not sure if LW still offers that one.